A Funeral & A Wedding

The title says it all….

If you read my last post (Missed Calls ) , you know about our dear friend who was on life support.

Unfortunately, he lost his battle this past week ๐Ÿ™

When something so unexpected happens like this…you really put EVERYTHING into perspective. I can’t stop thinking of his wife, now a widow ๐Ÿ™ They were on the same path as us…trying to have a baby…and now instead of bringing their own little life into the world, she has to plan to say goodbye…to her one and only love….(tears)….

This Saturday….as we attend the funeral of our beloved friend…that same night….we have a wedding…what are the odds? To go from the sadness of losing a loved one….to the joining of two becoming one…beginning their life together…all within 24hrs…

It was also our anniversary this week….our 1 year anniversary. ย Last year, I thought I would have a baby by this time….but now….I’m just so happy to have my loving husband here with me. I’ve always been thankful that I found this wonderful man…but even more so now.

We all have battles, problems, challenges…we think, there is no hope….why is this happening to me??

I won’t do this anymore…..I am thankful for every day on this earth. I am thankful for the wonderful, amazing life I have…because that’s the way our friend lived his life….just like that….God bless you T….

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Missed Calls

It was yesterday morning. We were out of town on vacation…celebrating our anniversary. My husband woke up to numerous missed phone calls and texts. He knew something was wrong. He called back the first person who called him…a co-worker. His face drew worried….his eyes welled up….an accident? A stroke? I couldn’t hear anything and was panicked beside him…..he hung up.

One of his best friends was on life support…it seemed he had a stroke……silence…..gut wrenching silence….

Tears poured down my face….I thought of him and then thought of his wife. Like us, they are going through infertility. They’ve been married for 8 years and have been trying for a baby for about 3 years now. We recently talked about how on our next vacation, we hope to both be pregnant….and now, her husband is on life support. How everything gets thrown into perspective. How my heart aches for her. How one day, they are posting fun, happy pictures on facebook and the next day in ICU at the hospital.

I’m honestly still in shock and can’t believe I am even able to type this…but I know the power of prayer….and I know by reaching out and asking for help in praying….we can help them through this….

So please friends, if you wouldn’t mind offering up some prayers…they need some during this dark time….let’s shine the light of prayers upon them….bless them lord…..heal him….grant them peace….

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