• 34 35  36 37 yrs  38…39 yrs old


October: Ruptured appendix as a child(had no clue what this would do to my fertility)


July: 11cm(110mm!!) cyst found on Right ovary….remove right ovary and fallopian tube…down to only my….left ovary


April: Stopped birth control. Let’s have a baby!


March: Never a positive pregnancy in 2 years. 1st RE appt.

July 2013

  • HSG results: blocked tube and hydrosalpinx (due to my appendix rupturing)

August 2013:

  • Hysteroscopy to clear scar tissue and place Essure to control the hydrosalpinx
  • Confirmed Asherman’s Syndrome-lots of scar tissue found during hysteroscopy
  • D&C to remove scar tissue from Asherman’s Syndrome
  • August 2013-November 2013: Wait 3 months for Essure to work and confirm scar tissue is gone in uterus (Aug-Nov. 2013)

November 2013–  Hopefully Start IVF #1– …follow me on my journey!!!♥

  • 17 days of stims…omg(normal people might do 9 days…)… Retrieval set for Nov. 21st, 2013!!
  • 11/21/13: Retrieval results…6-8 follicles seen(only one ovary)…5 eggs retrieved..now wait for the natural fertilization report…praying for healthy embryos!!
  • 11/22/13: Natural Fertilization Results: 3 out of the 5 eggs retrieved fertilized naturally!!! Now…I pray that they grow over the weekend…please grow enough to freeze ALL 3 of you beautiful embies! 🙂
  • 11/25/13: All 3 embies still growing…on Day 3: 1-6 cell, 1-5 cell, 1-4 cell…will check back to see who is left to freeze..please…
  • 11/26/13: 2 stopped growing and 1 morula stage embryo vitrified. So I have one embryo on ice…stay cozy my frozen baby…gotta work on my lining before you get a warmer home 😉 Future FET or possible IVF #2 in 2014…day by day…

January 2014

  • 01/05/14: IVF #2….yes…we are doing this…again
  • 01/04/14: 1st Ultrasound check: 4-7 follicles seen…a little better than IVF#1(only 4 seen)
  • 01/16/14: Stim for 12 days instead of 17…better
  • 01/18/14: Retrieval results: 11….yay!!!!!!! Lucky number 11 🙂
  • 01/20/14: 9 Eggs fertilized!!!
  • 01/24/14: 6 Blastocysts vitrified!!! Yippee!
  • Future FET scheduled for Feb or March…whenever my lining wants to cooperate 🙂 Come on thick lining grow!
  • Trial FET scheduled for the end of March. Calling RE when I get my period…should be around 02/25/14

February 2014

  • 02/27/2014: FET #1-2mg Estradiol(increasing every day up to 8mg day), Viagra(Sildenafil) Suppositories 4 times a day, Estrogen Suppositories 2 times  a day….lots going on in that area! Praying this lining wakes up 😉

March 2014

  • 3/27/14-FET#1 CANCELLED…lining never grows above 4mm…looking at another hysteroscopy to find out whats going on(or apparently what’s not going on with my lining)…oh joy
  • 3/28/14-Appt with Asherman’s Specialist—Hysteroscopy scheduled for the week of April 8.

April 2014

  • 4/10/14: Surgical Hysteroscopy #2 scheduled with Dr. March(Leading Asherman’s Dr in the world)
  • 4/10/14: Hysteroscopy done. He removed some more scar tissue, saw some “bald spots”, could not find my Essure? Next steps, another HSG to confirm Essure is in place, take Trental 400mg and Vitamin E 1,000 mg twice a day to try and improve “bald spots”….and wait 🙁 More waiting……

May 2014

  • 5/21/14: Mid cycle, FET  #2 “natural” cycle lining check….2.8mm 🙁
  • FET #2 CANCELLED. Horrible…next step…estrogen stimulation cycle next month….praying for my miracle baby…..
  • HSG #2: Lots of fun having to do this again…just to make sure that my tube is blocked and the Essure is in the correct place…it is….so hopefully the hydrosalpinx is not an issue any longer…..

June 2014

  • 6/10/14 FET #3-CD 12-Lining 3.3 🙁 What is wrong with this lining 🙁 Most likely cancelled….but giving it another week…. determined to figure this out!!
  • 6/16/14 FET #3-CANCELLED…lining only got to 4mm….taking a month off….this is exhausting….

July 2014

  • 7/7/14 Natural Cycle Lining Check: 4mm….so 4mm…regardless if I’m on Estrogen therapy or not…hmmm..what do I do next?

August 2014

  • 8/4/14 FET #4-Estradiol Valerate Intramuscular Injections this time-Lining at 3.6 with lots of fluid…great
  • 8/8/14-Lining doing something :)…5mm today…interesting…so stay on everything and check back on Tues
  • 8/12/14-Lining 5.7mm….checking again Friday
  • 8/15/14-FET #4 CANCELLED again….shrunk to 4mm……on to FET #5 in Sept….something’s gotta work….not giving up!

September 2014

  • 9/9/14-STILL waiting for my E2 levels to go below 100 to start FET #5….waiting…patiently…kind of…
  • 9/17/14-STILL, STILL waiting for my E2 levels to go down….195……it’s been over a month…what in the heck?? 🙁
  • 9/18/14-Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease…one more thing to deal with….gees…
  • 9/23/14-E2 STILL 210…this blows…
  • 9/30/14-E2-? Ultrasound shows I now have a follicle growing(13mm)…so I guess my E2 went down at some point? Weird…regardless, I still have to wait until next cycle for anything….boo

October 2014

  • 10/2/14- Ultrasound:Uterine lining non-existent(like not even 2mm) and lots of fluid in lining…looks like I should be ovulating soon though with an 18mm follicle…at least that works…if I only had tubes and a decent lining….one day…wait for my period and then decide what to do next….I don’t know…
  • 10/15/14-Period finally started after 51 days! CD2-Ultrasound-50 mm cyst….boo…hoo….I have to wait another cycle for the cyst to go away until we do anything else…..wait some more…..for some reason I still have hope Faith and am not giving up…ever for my babies
  • 10/28/14-Natural mid-cycle check-17mm follicle…and lining non-existent..couldn’t even measure 🙁 Project Dream 2015 goes into effect.

November 2014

  • 11/10/14-CD3, Ultrasound-cyst gone! Now let’s start FET#5 with Tamoxifen…come on lining!
  • 11/17/14-3 days after Tamoxifen-lining too thin to measure and fluid but it’s still early…still have hope!
  • 11/21/14-7 days after Tamoxifen-lining 3.7mm….sad…check again on 11/25
  • 11/25/14-10 days after Tamoxifen-lining 5.1mm…better but still…
  • FET#5 CANCELLED..wait for CD1.

December 2014

  • 12/11/14-CD3-Ultrasound-3.3mm lining and 40mm cyst with blood clot 🙁 No FET this cycle. Wait until cyst resolves. Merry Christmas to me…wine please.

January 2015- Please let this be our year

  • 01/06/15-CD3 Ultrasound: 40 mm cyst is still there 🙁 I’ve given up on hope and am relying on faith. Sit out another month. Pray that this cyst will resolve and I can do something next month.
  • 01/30/15-Ultrasound:the cyst in gone! Prep for FET #6!

February 2015-

  • 02/02/15-FET #6-CD2 start Tamoxifen
  • 02/06/15-CD6 last day Tamoxifen and start 2 Vivelle patches every 3 days.
  • 02/09/15-CD9 Ultrasound-follicles are small and lining is thin, very thin, 1mm with fluid. Check back 02/13/15.
  • 02/13/15-CD13 Ultrasound-follicles are STILL small…lining at 3mm..wait another week 🙁 and check again on 02/20/15.
  • 02/20/15-CD20 Ultrasound-2 follicles on only ovary 16mm and 13mm…and lining is still a dismal 2mm with fluid in it…check again on 02/23/15.
  • 02/23/15-CD23 Ultrasound-Ovulated and lining 3.3mm…

March 2015

  • IVF#3…I can’t believe we are doing this again….start stims March 13.
  • Sonohystogram-3/9-found a “bump”. Not sure what it is(polyp/scar tissue/blood). Will watch and still start stims 3/13.
  • 03/17/15: Stim Day 5-Ultrasound-3-5 follicles seen…lining “non-existent”…great 🙁
  • 03/20/15: Stim Day 8-Ultrasound-5 eggs growing..lining 4.8mm..with fluid(of course)…still horrible but better than “non-existent”.
  • 03/24/15-Lining 5.1mm so doing GCSF wash.
  • 03/26/15-9 eggs retreived! 7 mature! 6 fertilized…2nd GCSF wash to help with lining.
  • 03/30/15-All gone 🙁
  • 03/31/15-Decided to transfer one frozen embryo from Jan.2014…miracles happen right?

April 2015

  • 04/09/15-BFN…devastated beyond belief

May 2015

  • Lost and broken…not sure what is next

June 2015

  • Sister volunteers to be surrogate. Her initial ultrasound reveals too thick lining and abnormal uterus. Devastated. RE recommends hysteroscopy. Sister is not ready to go through with anything else yet. Back to square one.

July 2015

  • Call Dr. March and he recommends a 3rd operative hysteroscopy.
  • Operartive Hysteroscopy #3 finds dense scar tissue/adhesions and small hematoma. Removed and stent placed.

August 2015

  • Follow-up Dr. March. Recommends 4th hysteroscopy. Omg. Can I continue to go through with all of this??

September 2015

  • Hysteroscopy #4- Cancelled…45mm cyst…back to square one
  • Sister has a biopsy- all comes back clear…not cancer!

October 2015

  • Taking Estrace 2 times a day the entire month to subside cyst
  • Cyst subsides-try to grow lining for ERA test.
  • More Estrace…over this stuff….oh, and I turn 38..

November 2015

  • Continue Estrace—lining breaks down despite no ovulation via progesterone test.
  • ERA test cancelled….just over this crap.
  • Back to another RE to try the ERA test next month.

December 2015

  • Start Estrace on CD 2
  • Break through ovulation on CD 11, even with high doses of Estrogen. ERA test cancelled.
  • What an end to another shitty year.

January 2016

  • Accepted that my uterus is inhospitable for my embryos
  • Gave up trying to get pregnant….sister is cleared to be our gestational carrier……just want my babies safe in my arms….praying that 2016 finally leads us to that good news.

October 2016

  • My angel of a sister, our gestational carrier, gave birth to our miracle son, W. He is more than I ever dreamed. Prayers for you all to have your miracle in your arms soon.


  • e0c37641cc55a19e5b37755101c25635
  • And somehow I found a way to my child…..

39 Comments on TTC/IVF Timeline

  1. I will be going through my first ivf cycle soon so i have been reading many ivf blogs. i came across your blog tonight… yours is the only one that brought tears. I am rooting for you. You inspire me to not give up, and just be steadfast in my hope and faith. i pray for a miracle for you.

    • Thanks so much J. Women like you are the reason I decided to write a blog. You brought tears to my eyes. I know, I have it tough….but I am determined…and if I can help even one woman going through IVF or infertility…then I’ll be happy. I know, in my heart, that I will be a mother one day. I will not give up…it’s as simple as that…thank you for reading and please keep in touch 🙂

    • I appreciate your positive attitude so much! Despite what you’re going through, the hope shines through. I also am 37 living in the NW and am looking at starting my first IVF cycle after 3 cycles of medicated IUI. The frustration I feel with days not being days any longer, but CD….and where you are in your cycle, can’t do this or that, must eat this, avoid eating that, 2ww…it’s enough to drive a girl mad, even a prayerful girl! I am very nervous about the process of IVF and trying to keep my mind calm and remain hopeful. I will definitely continue to follow you. Thank you for sharing very personal information.

  2. I’m about to go thru Hysteroscopy #1 at 40, for scar tissue after fibroid removal 6 years ago & infertility ever since, IVF hopefully after. Thanks for your honesty. Good luck.

  3. Hang in there strong one!
    Yesterday was my bad news on IVF #2.. The good thing I got 4frozen embodies this time round… Think it’s implantation issue due to dunno wat.. At least u know and can try rectify the detected “issue” me..clueless.. My lining is 10mm the last time I was told.. So yar.. Positive side is u know n can be helped.. Mine, need well …luck?! Dunno wher to find that “solution” hah.
    Will b reading ur sharings coz ur experiences n treatment on FET wld be a good info source..
    Thx for sharing again.
    Hugs, H.

    • Thank you so much rachellarae26 It has been a long journey but I am determined to not give up. I appreciate your kind words…if I can inspire women to not give up…then all this has been worth it. Thanks again for your sweet words…I hope things turn around soon too…xoxo

  4. You have a great positive outlook! Many of us should learn so much from you!!! I will be starting my FIRST IVF stims tomorrow…. nervous! 225 Gonal and 75 menopur. We decided to do FET from get go. Research shows better success and gives a breathing room. So FET in Jan/Feb.

    First thing first, will see how my IVF extraction goes.
    Sending you many hugs and prayers!

  5. Hi there, I was just having a cry as I was writing my Mom about the devastation I’ve recently experienced with my latest cancelled FET cycle (over Thanksgiving) and per usual after a few moments of raw pain I found myself needing to act and research and found your blog when searching for chronically thin endometrium. I too suffer from this problem. I’ve had the hysteroscopy – they found nothing. I’m unresponsive to estrogen which I haven’t heard from others till I read your story. I’m also 37 and have been trying for three years. I just wanted to say I’m so happy I’ve found you and thanks for sharing your story! We’re going to be Moms one day, I just know it. All the best to you. L

  6. IVF#1 failed.. Tubes filled with fluids so those had to get removed.. Everything felt so right after removing the tubes i just felt i was on the right track.. FET#1 found out yesterday failed bad day yesterday.. Feel lost over the phone i asked some questions why everything felt right why? Answer i got was not sure lining was great embryos thawed good.. Next Friday i see Dr and i just feel like I’m not going to get the answers I’m looking for.. I just don’t understand feeling lost.. Sorry for the negativity love your blog..

  7. Dreaming of diapers your amazing I mean it , you’ve been through soo much I’ve had 2 failed ivfs and 1 failed fet, I understand heartache and hurt, however I must commend you for your persistence and I pray for you that you will have a thick lining soon and a beautiful baby in your arms I hope 2015 is our year! Good luck all you wonderful strong ladies!

  8. I’m so sad to read about your struggles and feel deeply for you. I just completed my 5th IVF retrieval, I also struggle with thin lining, numerous cancelled FET cycles, so my RE recommended using a gestational carrier, which we decided to do. I know it’s not for everyone but would that be an option for you?

  9. Hi, I’m in the same boat as you. I’ve had 6 hysteroscopic myomectomies (most done by Dr. March in L.A also) to remove tons of submucosal fibroids and then mild adhesions later. My uterus is finally somewhat free of submucosal fibroids (although I still have tons of intramural ones) and also it’s finally free of adhesions. However, every cycle now, I keep getting lots of fluid in my uterus… And no one has a clue what that could be from… My husband and I have decided to move on with gestational surrogacy with our frozen embryos. And I’ve been put on lupron depot for 3 months for now and will see if the fluid will go away afterwards long enough for me to try a medicated FET…. my lining seems to be somewhat normal… although my RE has mentioned it’s kind of uneven… I’m sorry about what you are going through and can completely relate to your journey… I admire the fact that you are so positive and such a strong woman! Don’t give up hope.

  10. Hi, I am a 28 y/o who has already gone through three IVF cycles. I am currently waiting for the dreaded BETA for my third cycle…but I have lost hope as I am cramping. I thought third time is a charm- but I think I was wrong. Fingers crossed!

  11. My husband and I got married last November but have been together for 7 years since high school. We decided in February to try for a baby and no luck yet. I knew my chances of conceiving were gonna be difficult but I didn’t think it would be this hard because of having Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. I would love to slap all of the people who told me I “would get pregnant by getting looked at” when I was younger.

    I’ve been doing research and feel rather alone as all of my friends are all having children and I always get a big fat negative result. I could seriously scream.

    You are in my prayers and I just wanted to personally thank you for writing this blog and knowing that I’m not alone…

    Hey, wouldn’t it be something if we got our miracle babies at the same time! Don’t give up hope. When you feel as if no one is in your corner, just know I’ll be in yours rooting for you!

  12. I came across your blog today as I received notice that my insurance will not cover a medication that could be a miracle for me. The pain is real and heartbreaking. Your positivity is comforting. My husband and I have been trying for soon to be 3 years and started infertility treatment this past june. This is the tooughest thing we have ever gone through, it is good to know we are not alone.

    • I just finished my IVF cycle and have ten vials of Menopur and one 300IU box of Follistim- everything unopened. I am stimming tonight and will have plenty of Lupron left over, though the vial will be open. You are welcome to any and all of it if you like.

      • Hi Lisa,
        I’m planning on starting IVF # 2 in a few days, after a terribly failed IVF # 1 (only 1 immature egg retrieved) and 3 failed medicated IUI’s. Last time I used Gonal F but this time the doctor has suggested using Gonal F along with Menopur since it is said to have better results. I’m really hoping I respond better and produce more follicles and more eggs this time. How did Menopur work for you?
        Hoping it worked well. Best wishes and lots of baby dust your way!

  13. Going the IVF route in a couple of months. I’d love to hear more about ordering meds from ivfmeds.com. We are all out of pocket and have saved for over two years for this…looking for ways to cut costs. Not sure if I can really trust that website… so much money and emotions at risk.

  14. I’m crying at my desk reading your story! This infertility process has been incredibly painful and isolating, so hearing your story let’s me know I’m not in this alone. Thank you for sharing!!

    I’m praying that you and your husband see a miracle this year. I just started my first IVF cycle, after 3 failed IUI attempts last year. Hopefully 2016 is our year! <3

  15. Wow what a story! I felt like I was reading part if my life being lived through someone else. I’m 38 on 2nd ivf. 2 eggs placed, had a bleed on Monday and praying to every god / goddess I can think of to save the one egg that might be left. Please don’t give up. As hard as it may be, never give up

  16. I am one of those that googled “infertility blog” and stumbled upon yours. I, too, had a ruptured appendix, when I was 7 years old. Now, 25, and I just had a laparoscopy, and was told all of my infertility problems are secondary to my ruptured appendix so many years ago. We are two and a half years into infertility and are not sure how much longer we will be going through it, but if you would like to get a glimpse of our journey, you ca n at luke645blog.wordpress.com. Thank you for your vulnerability and openness, it’s inspiring to others going through a similar journey.

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