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The Truth About Being More Infertile, Than Infertiles

( btw…I hate the word “infertile” but I couldn’t find another word that would make sense)

The truth about being more infertile, than infertiles……

Is there even a thing?

Yes, I’m here to tell you….yes, there is.

And, I’m reminded of that today.

As we speak……I’m being “lapped” by infertiles.

I’ve touched on this topic before but basically, it’s infertile women having their 2nd child before I’ve even had my first. Now, sure, being lapped by fertiles…..happens almost every, single day.

But infertiles, people that are supposed to be like me???

(cue, punch to the gut)

O.k…now, this is simply an observation and raw personal truth. Please do not see this as me not supporting other infertile women, because that’s not my point at all.

I’ve been here a while. 1,280 days to be exact. And, no, this is not a competition. I know plenty of women who have been trying to conceive A LOT longer, and even some with more complex issues.

But think of it this way, when you find a group of women that you feel you can finally relate to…you open up to them…share your deepest secrets, and they fight hard, pray hard, research hard, just like you, and their dream finally comes true. They get pregnant and have a baby. You all celebrate together! They say, “You are next”, and you feel in your heart that it’s true…it happened for them…it will happen for me!

And then……….it doesn’t….like, years go by………. and it doesn’t.

And you try to relate to this group, that you’ve come to love….and you can no longer relate.

It’s like you’re peeking in the window of a beautiful party. You were invited, a couple of times before. And then things change, and you’re not invited this time. You show up, dressed appropriately, you bring a gift but you don’t have the credentials to enter. You are not a MOM. And you no longer belong….even with other infertiles.

Their posts are no longer related to infertility, but of their beautiful growing child. And then comes the time when they start talking about a sibling. And they get pregnant….again.

And you’re still in the same place you were over 3 1/2 years ago. Does it hurt? I will not lie…deep down, it certainly does. Jealousy rears it’s ugly head in no matter how happy I try to feel for them. Why are they blessed with a second child before I even am able to have one? And then I snap out of it. I tell myself…stop comparing and don’t let jealousy in! Because let’s be real, I want to be where they are…I want to get over this HUGE mountain to the other side…desperately.

But then you question yourself…have you done everything you can? Should you try something else? Should you see another Dr.? Get a 4th opinion? Spend more money? Pray more?

And then you’ve also seen miracles happen. With your own eyes.

Women who I actually KNOW battling infertility and only by God’s grace…they’re pregnant (Suz, Lily, T, to name a few). Women JUST like me…with my problems…got pregnant naturally…no meds, no planning, no vitamins….nada. They do have one up on me…they have tubes, I don’t 🙁 So, unfortunately, that won’t happen for me but it would be a MIRACLE even if I got pregnant through IVF with my uterus…and a tiny bit of hope creeps in when think of that….and as quickly as hope creeps in…reality sets in…and more disappointment.

I’ll write a medical update soon…but it’s not good folks…like really bad. And sad. I hate to leave you on that note…but that’s the reality of infertility.

If you are able to have a child in some way….I encourage you to stare at that face, memorize it, kiss that child of yours and thank God for him/her every…single…day.

Because for me, it is all a dream.

When I think of my child, I cannot see their face. I cannot hold them. I cannot kiss them. I cannot be there for them. I cannot simply love them.

I can only dream of that day.

So if you have a child…you are living my dream.

You are living my dream.

And I can only pray that one day my dream will come true too.

This song sums up my life right now: Dream- Imagine Dragons

“Everything’s a mess….but I want to dream, I want to dream, Leave me to dream…..”





IVF #3-Stim Days 6-12, Egg Retrieval & Fertilization Report


And it continues….

I think I left you all off on Stim Day 5..the ultrasound saw about 5 eggs growing and my lining was non-existent with fluid(what’s new 🙁

Now to catch you all up to speed:

Stim Day 6: break…no appt or ultrasound. Still inject 300IU Gonal-f and 150 IU Menopur.

Stim Day 7: Start Ganirelix in AM and 300IU Gonal-f and 150 IU Menopur in PM.

Stim Day 8: Ganirelix AM and start Saizen(HGH)-Ultrasound-5 eggs(range 11-15) and lining 4.8….not great but better? 300IU Gonal-f and 150 IU Menopur PM.

Stim Day 9: Ganirelix & Saizen AM -Ultrasound-5 eggs(range 12-16)  and lining barely 4mm with tons of 300IU Gonal-f and 150 IU Menopur PM.

Stim Day 10: Ganirelix & Saizen AM-Ultrasound-5 eggs(range 14-17) and lining 5.5 with no fluid…what?! Dare I say there’s hope?? 300 IU Gonal-f  and 150 IU Menopur PM.

Stim Day 11: Ganirelix & Saizen AM-Ultrasound-5-6 eggs(range 15-19) and lining 5.0 with fluid again :(..oh we go. 300IU Gonal-f and 150 IU Menopur PM.

Stim Day 12: Ganirelix & Saizen AM-Ultrasound 5-6 eggs(range 13-21) and lining 5.1mm…RE agrees to try the GCS-f wash to increase lining(please let this work!) It’s time to trigger too! Ovidrel at 7:30pm exactly…retrieval 36 hrs after at 7:30am 🙂

Retrieval Day: Let’s do this! Good news and Bad news….good news….9 eggs retrieved!!! Yay! Bad news…my lining SUCKS….the GCS-f did nothing and my lining shrunk to 4.4mm…I mean…really? I cried…and cried. I blame it on the anesthesia…I guess I really thought that the wash would work for me. My RE did another wash just to follow through with the protocol…but I’m just stumped. Why, why why??  After almost 3 years and never a transfer because of this lining…I just don’t get it. So I’ll focus on the good….9 eggs!! Fertilize please!!

Fertilization Report-9 eggs retrieved, 7 mature and……6 fertilized!

Now we wait….I will always keep you all updated! Thank you for your support!!

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