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Oops..I did it again

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Quote from an email I just received from one of my closest friends

“Well friends, we thought we were done having kids but oops, I’m pregnant again!”

Oops???….it’s so nonchalant…like “Oops, I forgot to close the garage”, “Oops, I spent too much money on that skirt”…but “Oops, I’m pregnant again”????

Wow…oh wow

Blows my mind. Talk about taking something for granted. I don’t think that there is one thing that gets under my skin more than that. Now, of course, I’m happy for my friend (o.k…friends because it happened TWICE…no joke..this friend emailed and then 1 day later we got another…”I’m pregnant” email from another friend in the same circle……

I’m almost numb to all of this. Almost.

See, I’m trying to see my journey more like a part-time job. I’m not kidding. If I have too many emotions into it…I just know it won’t work for me…mentally. If I look at it as a part-time job, then…I just have to do what I have to do….to achieve my goal…simple, right?!

Yep…it was also my birthday the other day. 36. I thought by this time, I would have 3 kids and be happy. Well, I am happy. I just want to be HAPPY, happy. You see, I have this group of 8 friends. Everyone now, except me, is either pregnant or has kids. Pretty much makes you feel left out. ALL they want to talk about are their kids. Now, I get it…kind of. If I had a kid or kids, i guess that’s what I would talk about most. But for me, I don’t have that and so I have nothing to offer to the conversation. Just feels lonely….ya know?

O.k…I don’t want to turn this into a “poor me” post. I am happy with my life and next week at this time I’ll be sticking myself with needles to create a baby. So you’re saying I’ve got a chance!? YES….so I’ll end with that….I might not “accidentally” be able to get pregnant…but this $18,000 I’m spending… savings…let’s do this…I’m ready for my chance…my “oops” to become a reality šŸ™‚

IVF Calendar, Ordering IVF Meds & Pep Talks!

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So there it is…my very first IVF calendarĀ ā†‘

(Yes…I put it on top of pink gingham. Gingham always reminds me of babies…and we are trying to make babies so…subliminal messaging…worth a try šŸ˜‰

I wanted to post the exact calendar I am writing on to show some of you, who maybe haven’t gone through IVF yet, what the month looks like. I couldn’t find many on the internet so I hope to help someone looking Ā for a sample calendar. I start meds on November 4!

Oh boy, though…. I’m not gonna lie. Does it scare the heck out of me!? YES! I haven’t filled in the amount of medicine for each day because the Dr. will give that to me later. However, I did Ā JUST order the meds, and wow…I don’t think I’ve charged that much over the internet, well, EVER! I decided to go ahead and order overseas. I know, seems risky but I made the decision because my RE suggested it and since we have over 2 1/2 weeks to get them…should be good to go…fingers crossed. If all goes well, I’ll be happy to share where I ordered from and how much I saved!

So that’s my update..all else is going pretty well. I had my checkup after the hysteroscopy and Essure placement and looks ok…I guess we will know more when I have the sono hsg to check how my uterus looks on Oct.28

Other than that…I’m just focusing on staying positive! It does make me a little sad when women complain about IVF. I get it though. It’s not easy. It’s not fair. It’s draining me, my bank account and pushing my credit cards to the limit and I’m sure the shots are not pleasant(I’ll find that out soon enough..yikes!)….butĀ I just always like to remind myself how VERY FORTUNATE I am to live in a day and age where this is even possible. 50 years ago, I would not have this option. In my situation, I would be forced to adopt if I wanted a family. Ā But today, at least I have a chance. A chance to create a life…with my very own DNA.

IVF ladies are special. We were apparently chosen for our strength and courage and pure tenacity. Most women would not be able to handle this journey. But we are and we will. That’s your pep talk for the week ladies…so go out there and get them! (lots of healthy eggs!! ;))