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The calm before the stims…..

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In approximately 4 hrs, I’ll be doing my very first IVF shots.

So this is how I’m going to make a baby.

I keep thinking this throughout my journey. I definitely didn’t think this is how it would happen…but hey, I guess things aren’t always the way you think they are..are they?

I’m calm.

I didn’t think I would feel this way but I’m glad. I think I’ve finally accepted the fact that needles, ultrasounds, hormones, pain, appointments..etc…are a part of us creating a life. I pray that we are able to create a life. I’ve always prayed. But I’ve found myself praying more and more. I just hope the man upstairs is listening πŸ˜‰

So…here we go. The start of our first IVF Cycle…Stim Day 1!!!

To order IVF meds online/overseas or to not??

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Just wanted to update you all quickly about receiving my IVF meds.

***Disclaimer: I am in no way promoting any company…this is simply my experience and I am just explaining this here with as much detail as possible including companies I spoke to and used…thanks! :)***

In one of my last posts I mentioned that I ended up ordering all of my meds from an overseas pharmacy online. I was hesitant to go that route but because of the amount of meds and the cost it would be here in the states, I decided to take the chance.

So here’s how it breaks down:

This is what I needed: 4 Gonal-F 900IU pens, 22 Menopur vials, 5 Ganirelix, 1 Ovidrel

Cost quoted from Drugstore Specialty Pharmacy(including their discount): $8,200

Cost from $3,700

So as you can see….BIG price difference. I made sure to ask if they were the SAME drugs that I would be getting if I ordered here. Yes. The only difference was that they would have 2 languages on the package. My meds came from Isreal. An interesting note: Β In Isreal, everyone can have up to 3 IVF treatments if they are needed. Now wouldn’t that be nice? I’m not complaining living here…by all means…I love our country but, I don’t understand why most of us going through infertility have to end up spending our life savings to try to have a child of our own. Especially since a lot of us it’s because our tubes are damaged and it’s physically impossible otherwise…anyways…I digress…

It took 6 business days for me to receive my meds from when I ordered and paid online. Pleasantly surprised. And when I showed my nurse my meds, she said they seemed to be in newer packaging and she was happy with them πŸ™‚

Now, this was just my experience but I wish more people would have let me know their experience about ordering online/overseas…good or bad. My experience was good…very good. Saved me almost $5,000….kind of unbelievable.

So, now we wait to use them….very soon….ahhh…excited and scared at the same time!!

P.S…If anyone was wondering, this is the actual picture of my meds…as you can see they are made by Merck, etc…