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Day 3/Day 5 Embryo Reports

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First, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂 We spent it with family that we normally don’t get to see often so that was really nice!

Now on to the reports and results……

After I waited ALL DAY for my fertilization report, I knew I had to call in the morning of Day 3 to see how my babies were doing. Remember, we are freezing all of our embryos this round before an FET attempt. My lining needs lots and lots of help….but first things first 🙂

Day 3 fertilization results:

3 embryos still growing…1: 6 cell, 1: 5 cell and 1: 4 cell

So…I’m happy they are still growing but still just slow…like my whole IVF cycle…slow growing embies…my RE said he would have rather seen them at all 8 cells by this time but we will check back in on them in 2 days and see what we have to freeze….

Day 5:

Ok….so I waited most of the day for the call. We were driving to meet my family so I was praying for good results..please please please….I told myself I’d be strong no matter what…here we go…

My RE himself calls with the results….I was nervous….he said…well, 2 stopped growing and 1 made it to the morula stage so we will freeze that one. Well, so I “guess” we have one?? I don’t know what it means that it’s only at the “morula”stage(I think one day behind blastocyst?) and how that is going to play into effect once it thaws?? My RE was very reassuring though(even though I feel like he had to be because…it’s the holidays and no one really wants to ruin your holiday…ya know?) He said..hopefully one day this embryo will become your baby. I like his positive response because he’s normally very reserved and on the safe side…don’t think he wants to get hopes up too high. I’ll take any positivity though at this point! Thanks Doc…I sure hope you are right!

Day 5 final report:

1-morula embryo vitrified

So all I can be is happy. One frozen embie. Happy that even though…and I’ll tell you all the truth right now..because I said I wouldn’t hold anything back….we spent a total of $22,000 on this cycle(including the hsg, Essure/hysteroscopy surgery, meds, etc) Our insurance doesn’t cover anything for infertility and we live in L.A. so everything is more expensive for some reason. I also stimmed on high amounts of meds for 17 days total….yes 17…no fun :(…..BUT………If  when we get our miracle baby, every single penny and more will be worth it….so I just pray. I pray that this morula embryo is strong and that my lining and womb can be a welcoming environment for it someday very soon.

So for now, I am just going to enjoy the holidays. My RE wants to see a natural cycle and how my lining responds without medicine. In Jan, we will decide if we will do the FET or if we will somehow be able to afford another IVF(credit cards??) or maybe a “Natural” IVF (apparently that is cheaper because you either have less meds or no meds at all)

And so we wait.

I’ll be thinking of you baby morula. Stay safe, stay healthy…and stay classy in your little cozy frozen bed 🙂

Essure….are you sure?!

August 2013 ( a little behind on my updates..trying to fill you all in) 😉

I know the title and picture are confusing…wait, permanent birth control?? I thought this girl wants to get pregnant?!

I was VERY confused too….let me explain…..

After I got the results of my HSG….I was devastated 🙁 My one and only tube was blocked….and to top it off I also have something called Hydrosalpinx I apparently have the hydrosalpinx from my ruptured appendix(at age 10) 🙁


So I only have one ovary….one tube…and that tube is blocked AND has this Hydrosal-crap!? Wow…weee….

My RE looks pretty deflated too…he proceeds to tell me that we have to take care of the hydrosalpinx before we even think about (my now only option of) IVF….what?!

You see….this fluid and damage to the tube could prevent pregnancy all together or if pregnancy was to occur the fluid could kill the embryo or an ectopic pregnancy could be the result.

He then proceeds to tell me about Essure. Yes, the same Essure that women who are OVERLY FERTILE use to PREVENT pregnancy forever…their “family is complete”…..ummm…yah…excuse me Doc…what was that?! I WANT to get pregnant…like more than anything in this world….and you want me to have surgery to permanently make me infertile?? Well, after reading up about it…apparently it is a fairly new procedure to help with hydrosalpinx. Before this option, they would just tie your tubes and then hope to have a successful IVF cycle. Another issue, with Essure….you get the procedure done through a hysteroscopy and then have to wait 3 months to see if it worked?!! 3 more months before even thinking about IVF…oh how my patience is being tested..

Now, decision time….what do I do??

After reading a great deal about it…I figure…I better cover ALL of my bases before we shell out the thousands of dollars for IVF. The thousands of dollars I’ve been saving since I was 21 to put towards a house (yes, I was one of the few financially smart 21 year olds in the world) now going towards starting our own family….

So, let’s do it… up Hysteroscopy/Essure (OMG…sooo scared!)…here we come…

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