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What are the first shots REALLY like? Well, this was MY experience 🙂

Not that bad….not that bad at all actually….but this is EXACTLY what I did to make them feel not so bad 😉

My first night, I had to take 450IU of Gonal-F and 2 Menopur viles

Step One: I took them out of the fridge approximately 3 hours before I needed them. I asked my nurse and she said that it’s fine bringing them to room temperature before using them..I think this helped a lot.

Step Two: I iced the area of my stomach for approximately 10 min before. Once it was a little pink, I poked at the area with my nail and couldn’t feel much so I knew I wouldn’t be able to feel the needle much either 🙂

Step Three: I put most of my weight on the opposite side of where I was inserting the needles…less pressure.

Step Four: I pinched and pulled out the area of my stomach. I was worried and because I don’t have much to grab but by pinching and pulling out it helped.

Step Five: Insert the needle quickly…like a dart motion. I really barely felt it going in…so that was relieving.

Step Six: Go SLOW with the medicine. If you go super slow, you will barely feel it…even the Menopur. But if you start to go fast, you will feel a burning sensation. Just take your time and be patient and you shouldn’t feel much.

Step Seven: Take the needle out at the same angle as you put it in. The first one I lifted up a bit and it pinched and bled a little so the next time I went straight out and straight in…

And that’s it!

I was sooooo relieved because I seriously thought it was going to be like giving myself a “booster” shot or something…bad childhood memories…but it’s nothing like that, at least for me. I know everyone has different thresholds of pain, so I’m not speaking for everyone…just for me.  Now, I don’t know how I’ll feel about it after 10 days and adding more shots every day but for now, I can handle it.

And you can too.

We are powerful.

We are amazing.

We are strong.

We are IVF Ladies!!

We are making babies!