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Gonal-f Survey and a Gift!


Hi ladies!

If you are currently going through an IVF cycle and use Gonal-f, this is an easy way to make some money when you qualify and successfully complete their survey. Please read the paragraph below and if you have any questions, contact Julie below! Thanks!


bioStrategies Group is looking to hear from anyone currently undergoing IVF treatment.

We are looking only to hear from Gonal-f® users. Anyone who is currently taking Gonal-f® will qualify for this short online, 10 minute study. All responses are confidential and no identifying information will be shared. This study will explore your current experiences with Gonal-f®.


To take part in this survey, please use the link below to access the study. Upon successful completion, patients will receive $25.00 for their time. Checks usually arrive within 4-6 weeks

bioStrategies Group is a consulting firm specializing in helping clients develop and commercialize innovative technologies to better serve patients, physicians and the healthcare system. Our clients include major pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology companies.

Anyone with questions can reach out directly to:

Julie M. Benson

Director of Recruiting

bioStrategies Group


(I’m posting this on behalf of biostrategies Group, I am not affiliated with them in any way. I took the survey and am just trying to help them find their target market of Gonal-f users 🙂 Good Luck!


IVF #3—Stim Days 1-5


Well, well, well….here we are AGAIN,

Full IVF #3….it’s interesting to me when people count FET cycles as IVF cycles…because if I were to do that, it would be IVF #9 or #10…and that just sounds…overwhelming!! Yikes…so I’ll stick with my calculations….

And this is IVF #3….

So, I know the deal….but I still don’t like it.

The whole reason why we decided to do another IVF is that after 6+ cancelled FET cycles, we needed to do something new. Something different to see if my lining will grow with these stim meds and I am getting older…I’ll be 38 this year…(omg). So my RE is getting concerned about the quality of my eggs and frankly we don’t even know if the embryos we have frozen are viable…and, again, this flipping lining. I mean, it is just an absolute MESS….so here we are.

As some of you read, this cycle started out with a hiccup. My sonohystogram had a little “bump”. Basically it looked like a small polyp or scar tissue or blood clot or something. My RE didn’t seem too concerned but I certainly was. He said if my lining cooperates then there would be no reason why we couldn’t transfer one embryo to see. But obviously, I want to give my babies a really good chance. I’ve never had a transfer and I don’t want to have my first transfer with questions going into it.

So here we go with IVF#3. I also only have one ovary so he’s treating me with a DOR protocol. I did NOT take BC pills before this cycle…only Estrace (IVF#1 I used BC pills and 5 eggs retrieved, IVF#2 I used Estrace and 11 eggs retrieved)

Stim Day 1: 450IU Gonal-F and 150IU Menopur–I had to give myself these shots since the hubby was out of town…booo…but I did it and only minimal bruising…that is a win! btw..I always ice and always take the meds out of the fridge about 1-2 hours before I give myself the shots so they are not cold going into my body…ouch!

Stim Day 2: 450IU Gonal-F and 150IU Menopur-Once again, giving myself the shots…o.k…I’m fine and feel like a pro (I guess I kind of am by now!)

Stim Day 3: 300IU Gonal-F and 150IU Menopur-Hubby is back and gives me the shots. Headaches ensue and bloating begins.

Stim Day 4: Bloodtest to check E2: 422. RE says that is a good number(I think it’s a little high for 3 days of stims??) and I continue on 300IU Gonal-F and 150IU Menopur. I start to get weird under my ribs feeling in my stomach.

Stim Day 5:Weird pressure under ribs feeling so I go to acupuncture (every week for the past 2 years!) to get the blood flowing and see if she can help with the pain in my stomach. Ultrasound: 3-5 eggs seen and lining non-existant with fluid 🙁 I am seriously SO over this. I don’t understand what is wrong with me?? 🙁

So, that is that. My lining SUCKS. Pretty much no matter what I do…it sucks.

I didn’t cry. I didn’t get upset. I just took a champ. I’m going to focus on these eggs. And screw you lining!

So eggs, please grow into my future children. I can’t let the stress of my lining never cooperating to hinder this process. I’m in it now and just have to keep going to retrieval.

So, who knows if I’ll ever be able to transfer. More and more I think that, unfortunately.

I just won’t put my embryos in a place where they are destined to be doomed. A 3-4mm lining with fluid is exactly that. They wouldn’t have a chance.

So I’ll focus on the good.

For some having 3-5 eggs in an IVF cycle would be depressing.

Not being able to transfer during their fresh/frozen cycle would be defeating.

And never being able to transfer after almost 3 years of trying would be devastating.

But this is my life. And I am o.k. and even happy.

I am happy that I live in 2015 where IVF is even possible. I am happy if I even have ONE viable, healthy embryo that becomes my child. I am happy that my husband and I work hard to be able to pay for these treatments and sacrifice not owning a home. And I am happy that I have the faith to be o.k with all of this…the good, the bad and the ugly(lining).

Because I have a focus…and I might not be able to see the finish line….but I know that it is there.

I will focus on that finish line that I cannot see. I know I will have my child at the end of ALL of this. And that is all I will think about. When I think of that…all is good and this mess is just a means to the end. If all of this gets me to my child…every tear, pain, money, stress…will be worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing.

So friends….that’s my game plan. I may not see the finish line but I will keep going, and going and going.

I mean…what am I running…an ultramarathon??? I didn’t sign up for this!

I’ve never even ran a half marathon…but I’m in this and I’ll finish.

Mark my word…I will see that finish line and I WILL FINISH THIS RACE!!!!