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Just a short retrieval update:(I JUST got home so sorry if I’m still a little foggy)

So we were expecting 6-8 eggs…well, we got……

…Drumroll please 🙂

5 🙂

5 is actually my lucky number so I am happy and thankful. From only one ovary not too bad. Apparently, I had a couple of fluid filled empty follicles.

That’s all…I’m feeling groggy(not even sure if I spelled that right??) but now I will rest and more prayers for 100% fertilization. I know that’s asking a lot 🙂 But I feel like it could happen. Anything is possible, right?

But for now, I will be THANKFUL. Thank you all for your prayers and kind words of encouragement. One more step down and lots to go, I know…

Thank you , Thank you, Thank you and have a beautiful day everyone 🙂