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Another Lining Update FET #4


Quick update….it’s CD 29 and I’m still trying to grow this lining for FET #4….almost a full month on Estradiol Valerate shots and suppositories.

Last Fri, it was around 5mm…today it’s around 5.7mm(he drained the fluid that was STILL in there to get this measurement). It’s weird though because my RE showed me how if he moves the wand one way it’s 4mm and if he moves the wand another way it’s 7mm….say what?! So I guess he took from a mid point?? He is giving me until this Fri to see where it is and then decide what we should do next. He still says it doesn’t look pretty and any other patient he would just cancel this cycle and start over…so….way to make a girl feel special….kind of…in a bad way? Faaaantastic….que sarcasm….

Anyways, that’s all for now. I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing and see what happens…5.7…I’ll take it(and 2.3mm more please ;))

Fertilization Report

Screen shot 2013-11-22 at 5.14.31 PM

So, the office said that they would call me in the morning with my fertilization report.

I was fortunate to be working super early at 6:45am this morning(yah…I never say that this the way)… I was distracted and not thinking too much about it. As I kept checking my phone throughout the day call…9am….10am..12pm…2pm…4pm… No missed call from the office…nada.

This must be bad. I knew it…..The nurses know me too well. They don’t want to ruin my day and are waiting for the last possible minute to let me know that none of my eggs naturally fertilized. I knew I should have done ICSI. I ALREADY paid for it…why didn’t I just follow through with it?!

I got off work early. 3pm. Since I know I’m not transferring this month because of my poor lining. I bust out my friends “Pinot” and “Grigio”. They’ve been through it all with me. Through thick and thin, I tell ya. The ups, the downs and ALL around. I knew that I needed to make that call to my office before 5pm. They close at 5pm and all calls go to an automated voicemail system…wouldn’t hear back from them until Mon.

So I make the call….sick to my stomach but enough Pinot Grigio in me to think…if I have to go through ALL this again…I’ll do it…whatever it takes. I had that mind-set.

One of the nurses answers the phone….my exact words…it’s **** *******. I’m a little anxious since I didn’t hear from you regarding my fertilization report this morning. Just wondering how it all went?

Nurse: “Oh, yah, I’ve been SO busy today I don’t even know…let me check”

In that 2 min I was on the phone I knew she would come back and say…”Sorry, none worked” “But we’ll see ya Monday for the follow up!”

I was REALLY hoping she wouldn’t say that…but couldn’t help my negative mind. Why wouldn’t they call me earlier if it was positive results??!

She gets back on the phone” Oh, honey, 3 out of the 5 are growing” “I just heard back from the Dr”

Ahhhh!!!!!….I am overwhelmed with gratitude…that 3 out of our 5 were “naturally” fertilized. No ICSI needed. Natural fertilization!

Now, I am praying for more growth. I am praying that all 3 of these babies grow enough to freeze. Please Lord, allow these little guys(and girls) to grow and become strong embryos.

And now, I still try to rest and heal. This retrieval took a toll on me. I went back to work today because I kept having to delay it due to the retrieval being pushed back day after day.

I have a follow up appt on Monday. From there we will know if any of them are strong enough to freeze.

I’m only allowing myself positive thoughts and prayers this weekend. And of course…a little more “Pinot” and “Grigio” 😉