Sometimes you feel like no one understands the pain and struggle that goes along with infertility.

I actually wrote about it here.

But then, there’s a night, where you meet up with someone….and it all clicks.


She understands….she’s been there and she is my inspiration.

That person is Suzanne from

I was fortunate enough to meet Suzanne last night. She was in town for a business trip and we planned this meet up weeks ago. I counted down the days to finally MEET someone that understands..that’s been there…that truly “gets it”.

It was just so comforting and I loved spending time with her. We talked the entire time. We laughed. We cried. We comforted one another.

And we celebrated. You see, after all of the hell Suzanne has been through. She is on her way to the “other side”.

She is on her way to becoming a Mom. To TWINS.

Now, her road has not been an easy one. This wasn’t after a round or two of Clomid. Or after an IVF cycle. This was after years of trying everything…everything. And finally, an amazing angel offered to carry for her. Her gestational carrier K. Beautiful and truly meant to be.

The light that I saw in Suzanne’s eyes last night is inspiring. I want to get there.

I now know that it’s possible.

To feel defeated…over and over and over again. Not knowing what your future holds. Sitting in darkness and loneliness. It’s all consuming and overwhelming.

But then there is FAITH.

Faith that I will get there.

I’ll get there too.

However long it takes. I want to have that spark of true happiness that I saw in Suzanne’s eyes last night. She was beaming. And I couldn’t be happier for her.

One of my favorite quotes….“Out of difficulties grow miracles.”  Jean De La Bruyere

This couldn’t ring more true for Suzanne.

And now I know that it IS possible.

I CAN get there.

And I will not stop until I do.