Just a quick update…

Estradiol: So my Estradiol levels are still not below 100. I took my last Estradiol Valerate injection on Aug.14…it’s now Sept.20 and they are still around 190.

Has anyone else had this problem after using the Estradiol Valerate injections? I’ve never had a problem orally or vaginally with Estrogen but intramuscularly?

Crohn’s Disease: On another note, I have now also been diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. If I don’t have enough problems already. I don’t know if there are any connections with that and infertility but I’m now going to research and find out…if there’s a connection with that and thin lining, I’ll be the first to update it here.

Determined….that’s what my mind is telling me. I am determined to figure this all out…connecting it all together and finding an answer….a cure…something.

I’m so happy for those of you that have recently had your BFP’s…so happy because that means there is HOPE for us all 🙂

If you have any advice regarding either E2 levels staying high or Crohn’s Disease…I am all ears…thank you for always being there, my IF family…xoxo