So many times, I didn’t understand….
This life…living with infertility…you ask “why?’ so often…hoping to get an answer…hoping to know what to do next…
But you don’t….
You just keep going..
And now…..fortunately….I am one of the lucky ones…yes, as I type this, I am finally looking at my son. Sure I had to go through numerous doctors, surgeries, IVF cycles, FET cycles and not even being able to carry my own child, having to use a gestational carrier…but he is finally here.
And I am so, so happy…
But then…I can never forget…..there are others…like my dear, sweet friend Isabelle of In Quest of a Binky Moongee, who has literally tried almost everything and just yesterday had her gestational carrier beta and it came back very low.

And I think….why?? Just does not make sense. If you know her story…she deserves this so much. She has also been one of my biggest supporters and that shows grace after all she has been through…she is beautiful and kind and I want to see her holding her child..

Gosh….I know I keep saying this….but I do not get it….

I just want Isabelle to know that she is loved and I will be here for her through it all.

I may be so happy now…but my friend is hurting…..and it’s not right…

I am happy but hurting…did not think it was possible…but it is…

In this community, we are a family…and one of our family members is hurting…please send your prayers and love to her today….thank you all

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  1. I will never understand why some people have to experience so much hurt and struggle. The whole infertility/loss world is just cruel. My heart goes to Isabelle and to anyone else facing similar struggles.
    Love to you as well friend, your compassion is always so inspirational.

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