Well, I have made you all wait too long for this announcement šŸ™‚

Even though we got the genetic testing done a long time ago…we actually waited to find out the gender of our baby. We wanted something to be a surprise…..but then….we started wanting to know….we wanted to prepare, we wanted to buy items for Baby Joy’s room. And as time went by….I came to realize this might actually really be happening…….I’m going to finally have a baby…he/she may not be growing in my womb….but it doesn’t matter…it’s my baby…….wow. After so many years of bad news and disappointment, there’s always a question of “what if?”. But as every week passes, I breathe a little easier. I can see the light getting brighter and brighter at the end of this almost 5 year tunnel….and now we are a couple months away. Unreal.

This miracle is a fighter. Baby Joy was frozen for over 2 years. How can a life be created in 2014, frozen, survive out of your body in a tube, and then placed in someone else’s body in 2016…and grow, and have a heartbeat? I am amazed every single time I think about it….a true, real-life miracle. Anyone who wants to argue that can try…but it’s pretty tough when you explain it. Which brings me to what Baby Joy is….

I’ll be honest, I knew from the beginning what Baby Joy was……call it a mother’s instinct. But I just knew. There were signs, pointing me to what Baby Joy was from the day we transferred…….

So without further ado………Baby Joy is a…………….






I couldn’t be happier….and let’s be real…boy or girl….. I’m thrilled!

So it’s football, cars, trucks and mud for me…ha! Can’t wait!

And for those still waiting for their miracle….oh, how I get it…the hurt, the pain, the sadness…..please look back on how long it took me to figure it out. And guess what………I did not beat infertility…I didn’t. I wanted to…believe you me…but it didn’t happen and I had to find a way around it. Sometimes….that’s what you have to do. Sometimes you actually have to give up something for your miracle happen. But focus and know that even if it wasn’t the way you thought it should happen….it’s happening the way that it’s meant to……the way it is supposed to happen.

This is what was supposed to happen. This baby boy could only be created this way. So many things needed to line up and happen…and if it would have happened any other way……he would not almost be here.

That is what finally comforts me. That is what helps me understand my suffering for so long.

That is what helps me make sense of this beautiful mess.

So one in a billion….that’s him. My little guy. I am humbled by the love of my sister to carry him and I am forever grateful for her in giving him her womb to grow.

It’s all getting so real. Baby Joy is a boy. Please pinch me friends because I don’t know if I’ll truly believe it until he is in my arms…safe….I’ll keep praying until that day comes.

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  1. Girl or boy ….. its a miracle !!! I am so happy that you are finally leaving your dream after everything you went through . i was diagnosed with unexplain infertility for 5 years and finally God sent me to a new IVF clinic in miami and after a million test they realised that i have PCOS and cycle cell treat both my husbanf and i i plus he has a sperm quality problem … We did a cycle but the quality of my eggs were not good so they didnt survive day 6 to do the biopsie … Now i am on a tons of supplements and a meal plan to nourish my eggs for 3 months before doing a new cycle . God is good ….. i know that at the end i will have my babie(s) šŸ™‚

    • Thank you IVFLady! God is good! Best of luck to you…hope those supplements work! Appreciate your support!!

  2. Boy oh boy! So excited for you. Been following your story for awhile and I’m so happy it’s going well so far, fingers crossed!

    • Thank you Laura!! It has been a LONG road and we are sooooo excited!! Appreciate your continued support!!

  3. Congrats on your exciting news! You’re very sweet to consider others still on their journey even at the height of your happiness. Don’t feel guilty for getting to this point – enjoy every minute.

    Hope things continue to go smoothly as you get through the final months of the pregnancy of your miracle baby.

    • Thank you jivf! It’s so hard when you are used to getting bad news….I am so happy for the good news and just want everyone to feel this happiness too! Appreciate your support! xo

  4. For some reason your post didn’t show up in my wordpress feed and I was thinking about you and found your blog through a Google search. Just want you to know I am beyond thrilled you are having a boy! They adore their mommies and are such little loves. Think of you often. Xo

    • Thank you Mamajo! Yes…I don’t show up in the wordpress feed anymore because I had to change to wordpress.org and leave my wordpress.com account…soooooo confusing but I meant to post that everyone should follow me over at dreamingofdiapers.com but it switched over too quickly and I can’t get back on to post šŸ™ So happy you were thinking of me…how are you?? I need to read your updates since I don’t get the feed anymore either šŸ™ Miss you and hope all is wonderful!! Cheers to boy Mommas šŸ™‚ xoxo

    • Thank you Thandi! I am so excited but scared to meet him!!! He;s been that dream of mine forever! I just cannot wait until he is safe in my arms! Appreciate your support! xo

  5. Congratulations!! What amazing news!! I’ve been following your story and your courage is just so inspiring. Some days it’s so hard to find it, but stories like yours really do help spur on those of us still in the trenches.Wishing you the very best and looking forward to hearing more as you get closer to your dream:)

    • Thank you Myriam!! It has been a LONG road….and I pretty much dealt with it all….but I am still alive…I just kept moving forward, whatever the diagnosis…had to keep going. Appreciate your support so much! xo

    • Thnak you Carissa!!!! Eeekkk! It’s all happening! For us both…very exciting! So happy for you too friend! Appreciate your support!! xo

  6. Congrats!!!! I’m pretty sure my little IVF miracle is a boy too, I have to wait 6 more weeks to find out but it doesn’t seem real! Every week that goes by amazes me because every week is a week closer to actually holding a tiny, beautiful human… You dream about it for so long but when it seems like it’s actually going to happen, it’s just crazy!
    I can’t wait to hear more and see your little guy safely in your arms!!! Soooooooo excited for you!!!!

    • Thank you Brittany! I cannot wait to have him safely in my arms too…then I’ll understand how real it really is…congrats to you too…let’s see if you are team boy too! Appreciate your support! xo

  7. Your comment made me realize that your posts are no longer appearing in my reader and I don’t know why this is. Congrats on the baby boy! Everyone says they are fun šŸ™‚

    • A! It’s because my site moved just to dreamingofdiapers.com and not wordpress.com any longer šŸ™ I don’t understand why my posts can’t still be in the reader..sad but I meant to post for everyone to follow me through email now since my wordpress.com is no longer working…always thinking of you…xo

  8. Congratulations on the fabulous news! Baby boy Joy is a little miracle and truly an inspiration to all of us praying for our own little miracles. Every time I read your posts, I get rejuvenated to keep fighting and pressing on. Infertility isn’t easy, so thank you for always being so encouraging and honest about your situation. You are inspiring, so we know where Joy gets it from. šŸ™‚

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