So sorry to have left you all silent for the past 2 weeks.
Lots of things are going on. Lots of changes.

I’ll get to those other changes in another blog post(soon…I swear 😉

But for the BEST change…..our little embaby Joy.


He/She has grown SO much these past 2 weeks!!!

And we were able to hear the heartbeat….oh…the sweetest sound I have ever heard. 187bpm. Beautiful.

So amazing…and I just feel so blessed. So blessed that IVF and gestational surrogacy is possible. So blessed that my sister is carrying our child. So blessed that all seems to be going well and baby is growing on target.

Just blessed. And thankful.

Thankful for every set back. Thankful for every IVF. Thankful for every single injection. Thankful for every disappointment. Thankful for every decision. Thankful for my sister. Thankful for it all.

Nothing has made much sense during these years of infertility.

But now, something is finally making sense.

And I am slowly understanding why so many things had to go wrong……

for this one thing to go right…


Keep growing Joy….4 weeks until we’ll see you again this time….stay cozy, stay healthy, stay safe.

Please just stay……..

We love you too much already….