So sorry to have left you all silent for the past 2 weeks.
Lots of things are going on. Lots of changes.

I’ll get to those other changes in another blog post(soon…I swear πŸ˜‰

But for the BEST change…..our little embaby Joy.


He/She has grown SO much these past 2 weeks!!!

And we were able to hear the heartbeat….oh…the sweetest sound I have ever heard. 187bpm. Beautiful.

So amazing…and I just feel so blessed. So blessed that IVF and gestational surrogacy is possible. So blessed that my sister is carrying our child. So blessed that all seems to be going well and baby is growing on target.

Just blessed. And thankful.

Thankful for every set back. Thankful for every IVF. Thankful for every single injection. Thankful for every disappointment. Thankful for every decision. Thankful for my sister. Thankful for it all.

Nothing has made much sense during these years of infertility.

But now, something is finally making sense.

And I am slowly understanding why so many things had to go wrong……

for this one thing to go right…


Keep growing Joy….4 weeks until we’ll see you again this time….stay cozy, stay healthy, stay safe.

Please just stay……..

We love you too much already….

50 Comments on Ultrasound #2 (Gestational Carrier/Surrogate)

  1. I have been waiting for this update!! I’ve been blog stalking you, waiting for another update! πŸ™‚
    I am so thrilled that Joy is growing perfectly! Such amazing news! So, so, so happy for you! πŸ™‚

    • Yay!! Thank you MPB!!! It’s like I’m holding my breathe for every ultrasound and every week….I cannot wait until I’m holding this baby in my arms!! How is Baby MPB??! I’ll def have to email you for an in depth update πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

    • Thank you mamajo! Joy loves her blog family too….without you guys, I don’t know if I could have kept going, and going and going. So much love to you and appreciate your support bunches!! xoxo

    • Thank you so much alwayssunny…thank you so much for following…..it took a while(if you’ve been following me for a while..you know…years!)…and we still have a while to go…but I cannot wait to hold this baby in my arms….truly appreciate your support…xoxo

    • Sadie! omg…..eeek! I feel like you, my friend, are about to give birth?! Maybe I’m still a bit early?! So excited for you!! And thank you for your support! Joy is a little over 9 weeksish! I want to fast forward….just cannot wait to have this little bundle in my arms….I’m sure you feel the same…xoxo

    • Thank you so much kat….yes…please just stay little Joy. I started this blog to help others have hope…I knew one day…no matter what I had to go through…and what path I had to take I would have a baby…some how….some way….I want it to happen for anyone that has the desire to have a child….if this blog helps one person…it has been worth it. Best of luck with your new IVF plan…you’ve got this…xoxo

    • Suz!!! I really need to keep you in the loop, I tell ya πŸ™‚ You might be a “little” busy with those 3 angels you have now though…ha! What cuties! You have and will always be one of my inspirations. Thank you for always being here for me…one step at a time…I’m trying to stay calm…but, as you know, it’s tough…so much love to you, T and all the kiddos!!!! xoxo

  2. I’ve been silently following your blog and man oh man these past 2 updates have been the best part of my day. I’m so incredibly happy for you all! Ps I think you’ve just unknowingly named your future daughter ‘Joy’.

    • Thank you so much Marie! I’m so happy you commented…means a lot that you’ve been following for so long….finally something happy right?! And Joy…yes…pretty sure if it’s a girl Joy will be a part of her name πŸ™‚ Pure JOY! Appreciate your support!! xoxo

  3. What a beautiful photo of baby Joy! I’m very excited for you and your growing family. For all of us who are battling with infertility, your journey gives us hope that our baby too is coming. Many blessings filled with love to you and Joy!

    • Thank you Veronica!! I think it’s a pretty great photo of Joy too..right?! Yes, please never give up hope….I lost hope a couple years ago…but I found it again and kept going and going and going…just wasn’t going to stop…and made that decision. Lots of love and blessings to you too!! xoxo

  4. Do you know how amazing it is to come to your blog and see ultrasound photos of YOUR BABY?!?! And everything is going perfectly. Just perfect! Oh how you deserve this JOY!

  5. This is amazing!! Such a beautiful ultrasound! I am reliving the feelings of when we went through that stage all over again, and I can’t wait to hear of all the exciting things coming your way! I can’t wait to hear of your happiness and peace when your baby is finally reunited with you. I often look at Ross and think of all the people it took to bring him into the world. So much love and sacrifice was poured into him as he grew. He is special, as is your baby. <3

    Do you still have my email? I have a little something I'd like to send you, so I'd like to have your address when you have a moment. πŸ™‚

  6. Your story gives me strength. Your Joy brought joy to my life. Thanks for sharing your story in this blog. It has helped me.

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