I’ll admit…I’m a little behind….but I’m catching you all up on everything now….

All of this has taken SOOOO long, I feel like I’ve waited and waited and waited…..(o.k…I have)

To finally get to a real chance at a transfer. Like a good chance.

For the past couple of years, I would take all of the meds, pay all of the fees and go through all of the shots, ultrasounds, etc….and then when most got a chance at a transfer….I got a pity look and the same result…my lining was too thin….and not 7mm thin…..I’m talking 4-5mm(at the thickest)…with ALL of the estrogen, suppositories, viagra, trental, pom juice, pineapple core, acupuncture, herbs (add in any other lining “tricks”), etc..

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t grow.

I have had numerous(8+ cancelled FET’s), 3 failed full IVF cycles and one transfer in a 5.5mm lining because I was desperate and selfish(and still regret even doing that 🙁 ).


We are now on this new plan (with my angel of a sister as our gestational carrier 🙂 ) and it is in the process…as we speak!

  • My sister had her baseline, a little over a week ago(which was good!) and started her estrogen(yay!).
  • She had a lining check last Friday, being on 5 days of estrogen and her lining was already 7.1mm(yes!!!)
  • We had another lining check today and it’s 8.7mm(yipee!!!!!!!)
  • She starts progesterone injections tomorrow(which she is terrified about….sorry sis!)
  • And we will have a transfer ONE WEEK FROM YESTERDAY! In less than a week!!

6 days!!!! I know!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

I left you all out of the loop for far too long…but now we are caught up!!!!

It’s been kinda weird though because I personally haven’t been doing much fertility related. No appointments for me. No shots. No meds. Nada.

I’ve been the cheerleader, scheduler, chauffeur(she lives 7 hrs drive away and flies here for every appointment!), etc….I’ve been overwhelmed but so thankful that all seems to be going as planned 🙂

When I saw that after only 5 days of estrace her lining was already 7.1mm….and then her lining today at 8.7mm….I seriously cried….I’ve never had a lining measurement that thick and to know that my embryos are going to have a chance at life just makes me so hopeful….

So that’s where we are at!

I will update you once we get closer but next week at this time…we should be PUPO!!!!(God willing!!)

Ahhhhhhh!!! (Can you tell I’m a little excited!!!)

Thank you all for your continued love and support!

I’ll update again soon!! xoxo



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    • I know! But we actually started this process in April 2015, then with all of the issues and my sister needing an operative hysteroscopy…we were just waiting around from Oct until the new year..then she got cleared and my RE was like, well, we could wait or we could just jump in! So we did! I feel exactly like you…soooooo nervous but excited at the same time! Thanks for your support!!! This is HUGE! 🙂 xoxoxo

  1. Oh my gosh, this is happening!! And happening so soon! I am beyond excited for you! I am so filled with hope and just really this is just amazing! Sending you all kinds of good vibes and happy thoughts. Please, please, please let this be your time!!

  2. Wow! I am so excited to read this! How many embryos are you transferring? Regardless, I’ve got everything crossed for you. Somebody has got to have some good news, right???

    • Crazy, right?! I’ve been trying to catch up with my other blog posts that I should have written earlier then bam…today it hit me! I really need to update all of my blog friends before transfer!!! It’s exciting and scary at the same time. My heart is still with you and Bob, Isabelle. Always thinking of you both. Thank you for your support and I agree…we need some good news around here. We all deserve some good news…and it WILL happen…however long it takes….I believe it for the both of us!! Love to you!!! xoxo

  3. That is so exciting! I have only been following you for a short time now, as I started blogging myself, and I am so happy for you! We have transfer the day after you guys, I will be looking forward to an update, can’t wait to hear!! Good luck! 🙂

  4. We have the same transfer day😀 Second FET transfer Tuesday. Freaking out but at least now I know you will be in the same boat as me. Keeping fingers and toes crossed for both of us

  5. I’m so excited for you!! I read your blog back-to-back when I found it (about a year ago); your story was so heartbreaking at times, and your resilience and strength is so admirable, you’ve been a true inspiration to me! I’m always rooting for you and really hope you will have your baby in your arms very soon!

  6. Where there is love there is life ~ Mahatma Gandhi. Keep up your amazing positivity and faith. We are blessed to be on this journey with you, sending you love, prayers and positive vibes!

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