Month: March 2015

Sonohystogram- a speed bump in the road or….uterus??


Ugh! So, this happened yesterday.

I went in to have my sonohystogram. I’ve already had 2 from my first 2 IVF cycles so I know the drill. For me, this sono is more painful than the HSG…I know, weird because most women it’s opposite but who knows…my body is weird and different..and frankly not normal.

And here it goes again being “not normal”again. My RE didn’t even really feel like we needed to do this but I said, “Let’s just do it to be safe”.

Well, the results are not great. I have a small, either polyp or more scar tissue(darn you scar tissue!) that’s on one side of my uterus. Now, my RE didn’t seem too phased….umm….What??!! He said, well, it could be those things or a blood clot(because I was still bleeding) or it could just go away on it’s own. He also said that if my lining looks great(7mm+) then there is no harm in trying with one embryo…..Hmmmm…o.k….but you guys…it doesn’t look good right now…seriously looks like a “speed bump” in my uterus. I’m not sure that I even want to put an embryo in there! But, I’ve never had lining grow past barely 6mm. Maybe this “little bump” is my lining FINALLY healing??? Maybe this is the next step in the right direction???

I’m trying to be positive with all of this (even though in my car I did shed a tear or two….I mean, can we give a girl a break??). I’m trying to believe that…maybe if I go through this 3rd IVF cycle and my lining is great and we decided to proceed with a transfer that maybe the little growth is there for a reason?? And if we are not able to transfer then I will have ANOTHER hysteroscopy (I think my 4th or 5th?). Clean out whatever is in there and then maybe my lining will recover??

Who knows…

What I do know though is that God is telling me to keep going and keep believing in myself.

So I will do just that.

I start stims for IVF#3 this Friday night.

I know there is a reason why I am doing this all again.

I know in my heart my babies are on their way. If this is my path…I will do whatever it takes to get them here with me.

A bump in the road uterus…is just that…

Just a bump…maybe it will lead to another bump??

Some bumps are not bad. Some bumps lead to others and I’m believing that this one will lead me to the one I have always dreamed of having…

A Baby Bump.

Bring on the bumps…I’m ready for the ride!

IVF #3……take 3…Action!


First to update you on this past FET #6…it got cancelled…my lining only got to around 3mm with Tamoxifen and extra estrogen….so Tamoxifen did not work for me and my lining 🙁 So, I just have to keep trying and move on to what’s next.

If you’ve been following my journey, I went through IVF#1 in November 2013 (1 morula embryo transfer, thin lining) and then we went through IVF #2 in January 2014 (6 blastocysts vetrified-no transfer, thin lining) and then month after month after month for over a year we have tried FET’s to grow my lining…and nada…stayed thin…like 4mm…so no transfer…ever.

Well, during both of my IVF cycles I was able to get my lining to about 5.8 or 6mm…, that’s not good….and it was not pretty…at all…and my RE didn’t want to transfer because it didn’t look right and he thought that I would be able to grow a thicker lining during an FET…..well, after over a year of trying…it hasn’t happened…

So, this is where IVF #3 comes into play. If I can get some blastocysts…and my lining can get up to 6mm+(please), then we might finally take a shot at transferring an embryo.

I might finally get a chance to transfer an embryo.


I know that doesn’t mean it will work and we will have a baby…BUT…simply to finally have a chance…a chance at being pregnant…that’s all I want.

Now, if my lining doesn’t cooperate then we will be back to square one and I’ll have to try some experimental things but I have a good feeling about this. There’s gotta be a reason why I’m doing another full IVF cycle and I am just going with it. When my RE suggested it, it was almost like I didn’t have a choice. I think after this final cancelled FET…he thought…now what?…looked at my age again(turning 38 this year…boo) and said, “Let’s get some more embryos and your lining was best when we did an IVF cycle.” So that was that.

Now, let’s just pray my body cooperates. I’m doing Estrogen priming(WAY better than BC pills for me!) I have a sonohystogram this Thurs. My period should start this weekend. Then a mock transfer Mon.(I think, unless I still have my period?) And I start stims March 13.

So that’s where I am.

I don’t know what this 3rd IVF cycle will bring. I’m trying to visualize my babies…in my womb. I’ll just keep doing that…until it is real. I’m believing that it will happen.

It will happen!!

Here goes IVF#3….take 3!