Month: March 2015

IVF #3-Stim Days 6-12, Egg Retrieval & Fertilization Report


And it continues….

I think I left you all off on Stim Day 5..the ultrasound saw about 5 eggs growing and my lining was non-existent with fluid(what’s new 🙁

Now to catch you all up to speed:

Stim Day 6: break…no appt or ultrasound. Still inject 300IU Gonal-f and 150 IU Menopur.

Stim Day 7: Start Ganirelix in AM and 300IU Gonal-f and 150 IU Menopur in PM.

Stim Day 8: Ganirelix AM and start Saizen(HGH)-Ultrasound-5 eggs(range 11-15) and lining 4.8….not great but better? 300IU Gonal-f and 150 IU Menopur PM.

Stim Day 9: Ganirelix & Saizen AM -Ultrasound-5 eggs(range 12-16)  and lining barely 4mm with tons of 300IU Gonal-f and 150 IU Menopur PM.

Stim Day 10: Ganirelix & Saizen AM-Ultrasound-5 eggs(range 14-17) and lining 5.5 with no fluid…what?! Dare I say there’s hope?? 300 IU Gonal-f  and 150 IU Menopur PM.

Stim Day 11: Ganirelix & Saizen AM-Ultrasound-5-6 eggs(range 15-19) and lining 5.0 with fluid again :(..oh we go. 300IU Gonal-f and 150 IU Menopur PM.

Stim Day 12: Ganirelix & Saizen AM-Ultrasound 5-6 eggs(range 13-21) and lining 5.1mm…RE agrees to try the GCS-f wash to increase lining(please let this work!) It’s time to trigger too! Ovidrel at 7:30pm exactly…retrieval 36 hrs after at 7:30am 🙂

Retrieval Day: Let’s do this! Good news and Bad news….good news….9 eggs retrieved!!! Yay! Bad news…my lining SUCKS….the GCS-f did nothing and my lining shrunk to 4.4mm…I mean…really? I cried…and cried. I blame it on the anesthesia…I guess I really thought that the wash would work for me. My RE did another wash just to follow through with the protocol…but I’m just stumped. Why, why why??  After almost 3 years and never a transfer because of this lining…I just don’t get it. So I’ll focus on the good….9 eggs!! Fertilize please!!

Fertilization Report-9 eggs retrieved, 7 mature and……6 fertilized!

Now we wait….I will always keep you all updated! Thank you for your support!!

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Versatile Blogger Award


Thank you to these beautiful women, A Calm Persistance, Planting Beans, Electric Mystery, and Empty Arms, Full Hearts for this nomination…even though, I’ve pretty much only blogged about infertility on here…you can learn more about me on Instagram(@dreaming_of_diapers) (because I can control who sees it)…but here goes…I happily accept the nomination 🙂

7 facts about myself:

1. I have two adopted pups that are the loves of my life(o.k…hubby get a spot there too ;)) I have 3 loves of my life! They are chihuahua mixes and they are the funniest, cutest, feistiest, loving little guys ever! Please adopt and don’t shop(oh and I’m a HUGE animal rescue/adoption supporter!)

2. I’m a journalist. I actually used to be a reporter on tv(what?) I know weird but after my show got cancelled, I’ve reverted back to writing. I’m currently writing a book but it’s taking FOREVER. I’ll let ya know when I get closer to finishing it 🙂

3. I live in California. I think some of you already know that but if you are ever near L.A….please reach out and let’s meet up!!

4. I’m a jock. I absolutely LOVE sports. Mostly college football and the NFL. Basically I know WAY too much for being a girl and I won my fantasy football league this year! So, if you know what that is…then you know what a sports junkie I really am 😉

5. My favorite foods are pizza and nachos. Like, I could eat them every day. That’s a problem…ha!

6. In college, I had a job where I had to swim with sharks! Ahh! True story! At a water park I worked at there was a shark tank exhibit and a lifeguard had to be in the water in case someone fell in! The sharks were not carnivores(ok)…but still! Cannot believe that I really did that…and for minimum wage!!

7. O.k..this is a good one. I was called to “Come on down!!” on the Price Is Right! Yes! Dream come true! It was my birthday one year and we went and it was a blast! I only won a light fixture but had a chance to win a car and a boat…ugh! Oh well, now all I want is to win my BABY!!!

That was fun…now, sorry of you’ve already been nominated or don’t want to participate but here are my nominations:

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And anyone else that hasn’t been nominated yet!!

IVF#3 mini update: Started Ganirelix this morning and Stim Day 8 check tomorrow! Let’s hope these follies and my lining has perked up a bit! xoxo