Just a quick update about this FET #6.

I started taking Tamoxifen on 2/2. I took it, once a day for 5 days. On 2/6, I also applied 2 estradiol patches.

And the results today…..nothing.

My lining is non-existent(1mm and with fluid) BUT my follicles are not growing either…weird. Last time, I had 2 follicles around 20mm. That should have produced enough estrogen to grow my lining but it didn’t…only got to 5.1mm.

So we wait. I am to stop the estradiol patches and see if my body will wake up and produce some estrogen on it’s own.

And that’s the update….not exciting but I go back in on Friday to see if anything is going on.

I’ve had my frozen embryos since Nov.2013 and Jan.2014.

And I’ve never had a transfer.

I understand when women get sad, or frustrated when they can’t transfer their embryos in their fresh cycle and have to wait another month for an FET….but over a year?

It’s just not right.

When I go to my RE’s office, I think about them. How long they’ve been frozen there….just waiting too.

Makes me sad when I think too much about it.

But what can I do?

Keep waiting…and praying…gonna do a little more praying.

I just don’t know what else to do.