So, I’ve learned plenty of things living with infertility.

From patience to gratitude to faith to more strength than I ever thought I could possess, to love, to my pain threshold, to grace, to trust, oh…did I mention patience??? Patience? Patience?!!!

And recently, I’ve also learned to just not talk about “IT” to the fertile people in my life. Including my family and some very close friends(the literally 5 people that I’ve told!)

It does make me sad that I feel this way but I’ve tried…oh, how I’ve tried to bring things up…really not trying to make it a big deal…just mentioning appointments/procedures….and what do I get??

These are actual quotes:

“Well, everybody has something don’t they? And this is your thing.” (family member)—yep, just like getting a flat tire on the way to work…same, same.

“You’ve gotten everything in your life that you’ve wanted so maybe this is the one thing you won’t get”(family member)—this one GUT me. I couldn’t believe those words were coming out of her mouth..because I would trade EVERYTHING to be able to have a child….everything.

“You are so lucky that you can afford IVF, there’s no way my husband and I could” (from a friend who just gave birth)–ah, yes, let’s see, if you count using our ENTIRE savings/charging credit cards and moving into a crappy apartment that we rent “being able to afford it” then sure…I guess you are right…how lucky are we.

“At least you have a husband.”(single friend)—Sure, and at least I’m alive too?

“I’m pregnant with another boy.” and then she cried because she wanted a girl. (friend)—I would die for a boy or a girl….way to rub it in…and can I have him?

“You used to look so happy. Now, you are just different. It’s depressing.”(family member)–I’m sorry that MY infertility is depressing YOU…..wow….knife to the heart.

And, I could go on and on….but I’ll stop.

So, I’m shutting my mouth to everyone(unless you read this blog…this is why I am anonymous..no family or friends know about this blog).

From here on out, me, my husband and you ALL (my IF support blessings, thank you) are the only people that will know what’s going on with me and this IF journey. If anyone else asks, even family, I will say…”Everything is great” and leave it at that.

I’m tired of being hurt for trying to be open. I’m tired of no one being able to understand what it’s like to get excited almost every, single month for the past 3 years, only to be let down time and time again. And I’m tired of making excuses and feeling bad for myself around those who know(and feeling bad about them feeling bad about my infertility when they get pregnant…confusing, I know…but I think you get it)

For some reason, me taking control back about not sharing anything regarding this journey to close family and friends helps me….I have no clue why?(any psychologists out there??) but it just does…obviously, it’s a control/guarding my heart emotional thing.

So…..they will just never truly understand.

They will never understand the heartache of hundreds of BFN’s.

They will never understand the emotional battle that you have with your heart, your mind, your soul, your everything, month after month.

They will never understand the hours upon hours looking up “infertility” on the web…from RPL to BBT to beta numbers to injection videos to adoption/surrogacy.

They will never understand scheduling intercourse…oh, the romance.

They will never understand the utter fear of giving yourself your first injection. And then the hundreds there after.

They will never understand the financial toll it puts on your relationship and your entire future.

They will never understand that we will never get to experience the innocence of surprising our husbands with a pregnancy test reveal.

They will never understand that even after seeing those two pink lines…you can’t be happy quite yet because you might have another miscarriage.

They will never understand that after they have their second and third child and continue to complain about them to you…that you would do anything to have those children and those “problems”.

They will never understand that to have a “chance” at having a baby costs more money than you ever dreamed but you have no choice because it is the only dream you’ve ever really had.

They will never understand that feeling you get when you see pregnant women walking down the street…a daily reminder of what you don’t have…even though you are doing everything you can to make it happen.

They will never understand when your RE looks at you and says, “I don’t know what else to do. I don’t know if you can carry a baby full term.”

They will never understand that we are at war……battling against infertility….every…..single…….day.

So, it’s very simple….unless they have been through the throes of infertility….they don’t get it…

And they never will.

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  1. I just made this same decission in regards to now keeping it to myself. Afer I had a friend tell me “maybe you are not doing it at the right time…..” I almost had a heart attack and had to bite my tongue! Stay stong sister…. it will happen for us too someday! =)

    • Thanks Janie…yes, it’s interesting what fertile people suggest…like we haven’t done EVERYTHING already. Holding my tongue too…staying strong with sisters like you…it WILL happen for us someday….someday soon I hope! xoxo

  2. I can’t believe people who are supposed to care about you said those things. It’s one thing to be ignorant and not know what to say, but it’s another to say something so insulting and hurtful. I’ve heard my fair share of dumb things from people who just don’t get it and I am pretty tired of excusing them. It’s called sympathy people!! Have a little! Okay, rant over. 🙂 I don’t blame you for wanting to stop sharing your true feelings when that is the response you get. I hope you get nothing but love and support here on your blog – where you can be real and where you can have “sisters” who get it! xoxo

    • Thanks Wifey….rant on! 😉 I know, when I heard those things from family…I just said to myself…that’s it…I’m done…shut my mouth…they will never understand…so why am I trying to make them?? You all are my IF “sisters” who get it….truly, truly get it…and I am beyond grateful. Thank you for your kind words of support…I’ll always be there for you too….you can count on me girl 🙂 xoxo

  3. So true! Thank you for posting this. It is very opportune as I was just told by someone I do not even know well, “I am going to ask you to stay positive.” after expressing some worry. Maybe I am overly sensitive, but I do not think anyone has the right to request this. I do my best, but I feel like I earned the right to worry sometimes. It is frustrating how people just do not get it no matter how much we want them, or need them, to.

  4. Wow. It’s as if you were in my head this week, and put all my thoughts into words on the screen. Just this week my husband and I sat down and ‘ran the numbers’. We had to come to terms with the fact that there’s just no more money for IVF or even adoption. That same night my pregnant cousin calls to get my ‘infertile opinion’ on why her infertile friend rolls her eyes when she mentions how tired this baby is making her feel. Did I also mention that that same week my 19 yr old goddaughter called me with news that she is pregnant as well? And complains that ‘this just sucks’ because she ‘never even wanted kids.’ I fear that by letting others know of my struggle, I’ve opened a Pandora’s box that can never be closed. I too have decided to simply smile, nod and say “Everything is just fine.” Good luck, God bless. I needed to read this today. Thank you.

    • Thanks Misty…it is so tough when things like that happen…with your pregnant cousin and 19yr old god daughter…wow. It’s situations like that, that I will never understand. But I agree, the “everything is just fine” comment is what I’m all about now. They don’t understand what we’ve been through and they never will…so what are we even trying?? Really, they only want to know when we are going to have a baby…so that’s all they will find out…when I’m about to give birth! Best of luck to you too and God bless you as well….appreciate your support…xoxo

    • Thank you so much girly. Your post helped me through this though. I was trying to MAKE them understand what I’m going through…when there is nothing I can do for that to happen. They won’t understand so I can’t blame them. I always appreciate all of your support. Thinking of you too…we are gonna get through this…hugs back at ya…xoxo

  5. I am here for you, soul sister! My heart is pained for you that people dare to say such hurtful, scathing, and insensitive things (whether inadvertently or not). Your words will ALWAYS ring true to me. And I hope you continue to share them…

    • Thanks so much girl…my soul sister 🙂 It is hard to hear from close friends and family but they just don’t get it…and never will 🙁 Appreciate your supports and words of encouragement 🙂 Hope things are going wonderful for you 🙂 xoxo

  6. I just recently made a post about a similar topic… The fact that we finally told family and it didnt feel better. It felt worse! Felt like they didnt understand… And you want so badly for them to understand… But they dont. I feel the pain! Know others are with you 🙂 stay strong!

    • Thanks so much bosmalife. Making us feel worse is NOT what we need….at all. Already dealing with enough….but they don’t get it and never will…what can we do?? Thanks for the support and I’m there for you too girly! xoxo

      • Ive learnt … Scratch that- im learning to except the fact that they will never understand the pain or hurt. Let alone the physically pain or desire. And thanks, i can always use another person in my corner 🙂

  7. I’m so sorry the people closest to you aren’t supportive or even understanding. I mean, how hard is it to simply say “I’m so sorry, that really sucks.”?

    • Thanks Kitten. It just blows my mind that they let those words come out of their mouths? And you’re right…all I wanted was an acknowledgement of my pain and a simple, “I’m sorry”….thanks for understanding…xoxo

  8. You know what, i found exactly the same thing. They just werent supportive. Like, sure, everyone does have their ‘things’, but are you really going to say that to someone with infertility? And what are we comparing it to? Obesity? Diabetes? Smoking? Drinking? Those are mostly preventable- many ‘things’ are, but when you cant do the most basic human thing like have a child, you feel like a failure and need support.
    I ended up just not talking about it to the few people i told. This isnt an easy journey and if they werent being supportive, then i figured i would support myself. Once i accepted that, things were much easier on me.
    The problem is, they dont understand. They dont understand the emotional turmoil you go through, the constant waiting, the games you play in your head that instead of being fun, affect your mental composure. They cant fathom the pain or the heartache, they just cant. Do they think you WANT to spend this money? Because you dont! If it were that simple, you would just go about it the ‘normal’ way. Do they think you want to put yourself through the needles and the operations and the waiting and more waiting? No! Its so easy for most of them to say things like that because all they have to do to make a baby is have sex. Its not that simple for us. And that is what they fail to understand.

    I know exactly how youre feeling lovely and let me tell you, im right here to support you. Everyome on the internet community of infertility is. I hope you have a better day. Xx

    • Thanks so much girly. Totally agree with everything you wrote. Apprecaite your support SO much. And congrats again on your baby girl….sooo very exciting 🙂 One day I hope to be there right with ya 🙂 xoxo

  9. As another member of this infertility “club” that we didn’t choose to be in, I get it. Your posts resonate w/ me so much. …”the only dream you’ve ever really had”!! Wow, how do we put a price tag on that?!

    • Thanks so much Lisa. Yes, this horrible club we belong to 🙁 And you’re exactly right….there is no price tag for that….you do whatcha gotta do…and I just pray that in the end I have my baby in my arms…I’ll wait and wait, as long as that happens in the end….appreciate your support…xoxo

  10. Huge hugs! This is what makes infertility so lonley! I tried for 7 years to share my story, and got 7 years worth of ignorant/hurtful/useless comments. After finally getting pregnant with my miracle, and I mean miracle, now all I get is “see, I said you would have a baby”! It makes me so annoyed that I don’t talk much about my pregnancy! I gave up my career, money went down the drain faster than I could blink, the pain, the emotional impact, even the fear during pregnancy that something will go wrong at any point (still have it with 6 weeks to due date), seems to have been lost on them all! I will continue to try to educate people so that people like yourself who are still living the nightmare can get support, but it takes soo much to even get one person to understand, let alone a community/society! Keep following your heart, wherever it takes you xx

    • Oh my word HB11….did I miss something??!! HUGE congrats on your pregnancy!! So very happy for you!! The last thing I remember is writing a comment on your blog last Jan…and now…you are pregnant!!! Would absolutely love to hear your story..email if you want (dreamingofdiapers@hotmail.com) but WOW…I am just so happy to hear stories like this…just keeps me going…and I truly appreciate your kind words of support….you know exactly what we need….you’ve been through the trenches…but I’m so very happy that you are expecting your little miracle soon 🙂 Thanks again for your kind words of support…means a lot 🙂 xoxo

      • I stopped blogging when I started up an infertility support group. Also, my story is probably one that most infertiles will roll their eyes at, so I decided not to write about it! I got myself pregnant! It isn’t a ‘we just realxed and took a holiday’ story, but I got pregnant naturally after OBSESSIVELY, (to the point that my mother was very concerned about me), researching about diet, herbs, detox, chinese medicine, toxins, liver cleansing etc. I am fortunate that my husband just followed my lead! Something worked, although I can’t tell you what it was. It was hard work and ridiculous, but paid off! Not being able to adopt in the country we live in just pushed me to find an answer! The dr was wrong when he said that we were highly unlikely to have a biological child with IVF, let alone naturally! I will share by email the document that I sent to a friend with a few of the things that we did, but not sure if it help with your complicated situation. I guess the moral of the story is to follow your heart, as I said earlier! Drs aren’t ALWAYS right and you know when enough is enough! I truly hope that there is a way for you and that support finds its way into your life xx One of my closest friends now is infertile, and it makes me feel guilty that I get to experience pregnancy when she, and so many others can’t..

  11. I also find myself making excuses for the insensitive comments we’ve received. Now I just brush it off and tell myself there’s no way someone can say they will never go through or do what we are doing to have a baby. How can they make such a sure decision if they’ve never been in that situation.

    • Thanks Jojo…I’ve tried to brush it off too…but now, I’m just not going to talk about expecting them to understand. I’m so glad I have you all on here or I might go crazy 🙂 Congrats to you on graduating…so, soooo happy for you…can’t wait to see that baby in your arms 🙂 xoxo

  12. I think we can all say (those who are ttc) that we have gotten many of these same comments! I often wonder how many comments I say to other people that can be hurtful (when I don’t understand what they are going through). I just try to extend grace to them, just like the father does for me!!!

  13. I may have had two miracles afterwards, but for a VERY short time I lived through those very same comments. And the pain of having my friends who got married before me, discussing their pregnancy symptoms while I stood there, knife in my heart. I’ve had the “Oh well, children are hard work, do you know that?” as if I’m not mature enough to handle being a mother. I don’t think people THINK before they speak. When THEY have problems (smaller problems than this) are those the responses THEY would like to get?
    And yes, it’s easy to think something is affordable when you have NO idea what sacrifices are being made. Just because someone isn’t starving to death doesn’t mean they’re swimming in money.

    Anyway, just wanted to say that I’m not one of your dear IF friends but I remember it. I remember it and that’s why I read these blogs. Because honestly, I have survivor’s guilt. I remember the pain, the tears, the sorrow and it still hurts. I’m grateful yes, but the pain has never been forgotten. And so I’ve read your blog from start till today and I want to tell you that this non-infertile does understand enough to know NOT TO SAY DUMB/THOUGHTLESS THINGS!!!!!!!! I want to read and read until we can celebrate a BFP..and then anxiously wait for Betas to rise..and wait and wait and pray till there’s a healthy, breathing little one. I want the same for you because I know what it was like not to have it.

    I remember the stats about unplanned teenage pregnancy and asking God, “But why not me?? Why them when I’m married and very much planning this? Are you saying I’d be a terrible mother??? Please answer me and just give me a yes or a no. I want to know…”

    • Thanks so much thandilocks….appreciate you understanding and for your kind words of support 🙂 I cannot wait to celebrate a BFP and baby soon too….stay tuned because I won’t stop blogging until that happens 🙂 Thanks again for your kind comment…xoxo

    • Thank you julieann….it’s no fun when they don’t understand but I’m just realizing that they prob never will so I’m very blessed I have a group like you all for support 🙂 Thank you for always supporting me 🙂 xoxo

  14. I am right there with you!

    Unfortunately, people just don’t know what to say and then end up saying truly idiotic things. I don’t tell anyone but my mother what I go through (or have been going through the last three years).

    I really do hope the both of us get a baby in the end!

    • Thanks L….yep…it started with just my knowing Mom but she doesn’t really get it either…..oh well….I also really have faith that we will both have our babies soon….healthy and safe…and in our arms….soon! xoxo

  15. I am so sorry that your family and friends are not understanding and supportive. I guess I am what you would call a “fertile” I did have a miscarriage and then went on to have two kids. I cannot even imagine the pain that all of you feel because I know even with my small struggle it was heartbreaking. I am not even sure how I found your blog but I like to read it and pray for all of you ladies. Thank you for being brave enough to share your struggle and be so candid. I hope that you find nothing but support and love in your journey.

    • Thank you so much Stacy. That really means a lot. That’s really all I’ve ever wanted was an acknowledgement of the struggle I’m going through. I don’t need my family/friends to try to fix it (because that’s impossible) but just to say….”I’m here for you”. I truly appreciate you reading and your comments. If more women read, maybe they would understand and appreciate pregnancy and the blessing that it truly is. Thank you again and I appreciate your kind words and support 🙂 xoxo

  16. You are me except I’m living in London. I’m 37 and can’t get a darn lining thick enough to carry my baby. I’ve tried everything. My last convo with my consultant went like this, “there’s nothing more I can do for you.”

    This is the hardest thing I’ve gone through and no one I know could possibly understand. You want to hear something sad? I’m jealous of women who have miscarried because at least they got further along and I’m just a big ol’ non starter. It’s horrible of me!

    I can’t talk to family or friends as they have no idea what to say, I don’t want to be hurt and keeping it mine, well, it feels like the only control I have in this terrible uncontrollable situation.

    You are not alone girl!

    • Wow, wow…L….we must chat(maybe through email?) I feel like I’m one of the only people in the world that can’t grow a thick enough lining! Isn’t it the most frustrating thing ever?! And yes….not…one BFP…EVER 🙁 And the Dr.’s have NO answers because there are so few of us…my email is dreamingofdiapers@hotmail.com…..I know that all of our bodies are different but maybe we can figure something out for us thin lining girls….something HAS to work…and I’m determined to figure it out 🙂 Please keep in touch and best wishes that you’ll have your baby soon! xoxox

  17. I absolutely understand! I don’t talk to my family about it. They have no support to offer. I thought my mom in law would because she went through it. Nope, even LESS support from her. I have about 4 people I talk to, my blog and my online support groups. I am so sorry that you found your family as unsupportive as I did. You can always “talk” to us!

    • Thanks ivoryangel….it is very hurtful but I am extremely thankful for you all in this blog community. I truly feel a sense of sisterhood here and I appreciate you all. Thank you for your support and thinking of you…best wishes 🙂 xoxo

  18. It’s like you jumped in my head. Thoughts I’ve had over and over again for years. No, they won’t ever understand. But yes, so many people here to love and support you through every single minute. xoxoxo

    • Thanks a bunch Suzanne! Yes…these thoughts over and over again…I keep thinking…”Well, they’re gonna understand someday” but in reality they just won’t…ever. BUT you ladies (and especially you 🙂 understand…even more than I understand…and your support and encouragement through all of this is why I can be so strong 🙂 You are inspiring sista…and thank you for that! xoxo

  19. Wow am I glad I found you! I’m exhausted at trying. It’s been 3 years and we are about to do a FET Tuesday. Obviously nothing has worked and I’m so scared to get excited again, just to be devasted in two weeks. There isn’t any “issue” preventing me from getting pregnant it just seems my body doesn’t want to be. 4 days after I found out my fresh transfer a couple of our friends announced (just to us) that they were pregnant (4 weeks along). I felt my heart break and I cried so hard I thought I was going to black out. My sister in law complained when she was pregnant bc she couldn’t go out and party with her friends and had to stop smoking. No one understands, you are so right. But I understand (somewhat) and I support you! I know you don’t know me but you are not alone. Thank you for putting yourself out here so I don’t feel so alone anymore.

  20. Wow am I glad I found you! I’m exhausted at trying. It’s been 3 years and we are about to do a FET Tuesday. Obviously nothing has worked and I’m so scared to get excited again, just to be devasted in two weeks. There isn’t any “issue” preventing me from getting pregnant it just steems my body doesn’t want to be. 4 days after I found out my fresh transfer didn’t take a couple of our friends announced (just to us) that they were pregnant (4 weeks along). I felt my heart break and I cried so hard I thought I was going to black out. My sister in law complained when she was pregnant bc she couldn’t go out and party with her friends and had to stop smoking. No one understands, you are so right. But I understand (somewhat) and I support you! I know you don’t know me but you are not alone. Thank you for putting yourself out here so I don’t feel so alone anymore.

    • Thank you so much Kacy! And you totally understand…because you are going through it. I know how hard it is to hear pregnancies from others when they would rather be “partying”…because we would do ANYTHING to even get pregnant. But we will….hopefully one day soon 🙂 And please keep me updated with your FET this Tues…be wishes girly…I’ll be thinking of you! xoxo

      • I have to remind myself how flippin excited I’m going to be when I get pregnant so that I can understand and support my friends when they announce. It’s nice to able to talk with people who understand that your not being petty it’s just really tough to not get what you want with all your soul! I will let you know about Tuesday…it feels more “right” this time so hopefully good news. And I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers…come on thicker lining!!

    • Kacy, OMG! Me too – it’s like my body is immune to pregnancy! All tests normal, but this thin lining, no root cause and no solution.

      Last NYE my sister-in-law told me she was pregnant and I woke up the next morning to my period! It was like this big FU from the universe. I cried and cried and just wanted to end it all probably at that point but then realized I was in my husband’s childhood bedroom at my in-laws and needed to pull it together and seem “normal” to everyone at breakfast.

      2014 ended up being the worst year of my life. So, I’m really really hoping this year brings some good news. For the both of us!!!!

      I try to hold on to what my mom once told me “the scene changes all the time…”

      Sending you courage.

      • Thanks L! Sorry you had a similar experience 😔 2014 was a pretty terrible year for me all around as well but I have faith that this will be a better year for you and for me!

  21. I am 99% that all of us can relate to this in some way. whether it is co-workers, family, or friends we all have to deal with this and it is one of the worst parts of infertility. I have heard very similar things from family friends and co workers! Just know that eventually the people that are truly close to you and good friends will be concerned for you. Trying to understand. And will want to be there for you. My best friend, been friends for 25 year, I can’t talk to her about this. My friend who isn’t sure if she wants kids is completely understanding(tries to be) and I could talk to her all day about it. Just know you always have all of us! I am sorry that those people can be so horrible to you!

    • Thank you jtj0819…it’s tough when you can’t talk to some people you want to but I am so very happy I have you all and your support. This community is wonderful and I appreciate your support and understanding 🙂 xoxo

  22. Thanks much for your post. You are so candid and honest. So glad to see that I am not the only one that feels this way. I am just starting the IVF journey this year, but already people have said things like that to me since the time we got married. It’s tough.

    • Thanks Alicia….most people just don’t get it…at all. So I’m learning to not “try to make them get it”…because they just won’t. But all of us here, in this community, get it 🙂 Good luck with your IVF cycle and please keep us updated! xoxo

  23. I understand completely. I started my blog just recently for the exact same reasons. It is great to talk to people who understand how you feel – first hand. You are right, until you have experienced RPL, infertility and all of the various other TTC challenges you simply don’t get how this feels. Much love to you x

    • Thanks Recurrentlyhopeful….yep…we all just get it. We’ve been there so we understand the heartbreak when things do not go as planned. Best of luck to you on this journey and much love to you as well! xoxo

  24. I don’t even know where to begin… first… HUG! I can identify so closely with this post, and those unfortunate comments. People can be so thoughtless, and don’t realize that a few words can hurt more than a bullet. With my family, there was a bit of an education period. My dad would say things like “try acupuncture, you just need to relax, stress makes it harder” or “too bad you don’t have Mom’s problem, we got pregnant by accident, twice, and she only had one ovary!” *sigh* Oh, Dad. They “get it” now, as much as parents can, but even with good intentions, my heart would hurt. If you ever need an e-shoulder to cry on, or an e-ear to vent to, please reach out anytime! 🙂 moores1218@gmail.com

    • Thanks so much Infertile Myrtle…it’s definitely tough when others in our family get pregnant SO easily…I mean, my Mom and Sis didn’t even understand ovulation! Like the process….at all. And boom…pregnant without thinking. Step by step….I think I opened my heart up a bit too much. I know my limitations and I think this year, I’ll just have to keep a little more to myself….and I’m good with that…I absolutely appreciate your offer of an “e-shoulder to cry on”…I might have to take you up on that this year since you all in this blogosphere will be the only ones I’ll be telling about regarding treatments and such….so thank you so much! Hugs right back at ya 🙂 xoxo

  25. this I needed today! Much much love to you! The pain and anger builds and builds with each day. I hope saying this helped you as much as my reading it helped me!!!

  26. This post is so refreshing to read. I have been trying for 1 year (much less than you) but am beginning my first IVF treatment this month and am so anxious/frustrated/so many other feelings. This really hit home for me because it’s been so hard to talk to ANYONE (aside from my husband and mom) about it. Friends really don’t understand. I’m only 25 so while my friends are out drinking and at clubs, i’ve been dealing with this to myself. I’m so happy i came across your blog and hope to follow you through your journey. Really, you have helped me in only one post. Thank you and so much good luck!!!

    • Thanks so much Leigh…it’s definitely tough when others don’t understand what you’re going through…but we do here on these blogs! That’s for sure! Best of luck to you on your upcoming IVF cycle! Please keep me updated 🙂 xoxo

  27. I liked your post. It is funny how similar all our paths are! My wife made the mistake of telling everybody that we were trying for a baby. Every damned month family and friends would call to ask her if she fell pregnant. Unnecessary pressure on the woman I think. When you go out to a function and people you have not seen in ages utter their first words, “Are you pregnant yet?” My wife’s evening would be ruin then. Various attempts on IVF. Only someone who experienced this can really be a shoulder to lean on. Trying to fall pregnant and trying to fall pregnant with IVF is such a roller-coaster of emotions and depression, that I think the fewer people that know the better. You women are lionesses and you are willing to jump through any hoops in order to create your family. God bless you all.

  28. Your blog encompasses the constant emotional roller coaster of an infertile woman. It is encouraging to know that there are other women out there to lean on when feeling alone and helpless. Stay strong ladies!

  29. Love just reading all your previous posts at 1:30am and they just hurt my heart.Yes i totally agree that people become inconsiderate when they have kids and once i was too.I had my 1st & only baby till yet on clomid and then whenever i see anyone struggling i was like why don’t they just take clomid even though I’m a pharmacist and my mother is gynaecologist still i was so stupid but then we planned to have another baby and i have been eating and eating all the clomid in the world and realised that oeople who aren’t having kids aren’t that stupid they know what to do but i was lucky enough to have one baby at that time and i truly feel you and I apologise from the side of all inconsiderate ladies.Lots of love ❤️

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