Month: November 2014

FET #5-Lining Update


So….just have a quick update. From my last post, some of you know that I’ve started FET #5 trying to grow my lining with Tamoxifen.

I started taking Tamoxifen last Monday, Nov.10,CD3(or what I “thought” was CD3 for me)….well, I guess it wasn’t really CD3…I continued to bleed(sorry TMI) until yesterday!(not normal for me…I usually have very short, light periods). I’m still spotting light brown even now. So my RE thinks that we might have started the Tamox a little early 🙁

As far as the results from my ultrasound, my RE didn’t even measure my lining because he said there was fluid in it and it was too early……BUT because I am a “self-taught” ultrasound tech…umm…I’m pretty sure it looks better than it has at this stage before! Sure, there was fluid(there’s ALWAYS fluid) but at least it looked a little thicker….so…fingers crossed…it KEEPS GROWING 🙂 I also have a couple of follicles growing..I SO wish that I had fallopian tubes to try the “good old fashioned way” to get preggo least my one ovary is still working and will hopefully produce enough estrogen to grow this lining..that’s THE most important thing!

So, I have another appt this Thurs Fri….I will def update you all again then…come on lining…here we grow!! Thank you all for your support! xo

New Cycle, New Protocol=New Results?!


O.K….it’s finally time to try something new!

CD 1 has arrived and I had my ultrasound Monday on CD 3 to make sure that pesky cyst is gone from my last natural cycle…..and it is! Yipee!! Here we come FET #5!

So…going back to my PROJECT DREAM 2015, I started 20mg of Tamoxifen Monday and will take that until tomorrow. I’ll have my next ultrasound on Nov.17…to see if my lining is growing. I should see the biggest results after I take my last Tamoxifen pill, then 10 days after that(Nov.25) but hopefully something is happening next week 🙂

I’ve been on it for a couple of days and this is what I’ve felt: BAD headaches(not complaining because if this works…I will take the headaches every, single day!) and it just feels different around my uterus….like warmer and bloated. I’m really hoping that something is going on in that area…I feel like it is…and I’ll just keep believing that 🙂

I’m excited I’ve finally started this medicine. I’ve wanted to try it for the past couple of months but my body just didn’t want to cooperate…but now it does 🙂

It’s been exactly one year since my first IVF cycle. I remember how excited I was and so hopeful I would be pregnant and bring home a baby this year. But I never even got to the transfer. And I STILL have never even had a transfer. I’m patient and I’ve been listening to God…He has lead me to these options. He tells me to keep trying. And that’s what I’ll do.

I’ll update on Monday after my appt….please, wake up lining(we have 6 ice babies waiting patiently for you!)