Sorry I didn’t update yesterday but my appt was late in the day and then I had a dinner meeting after….so I’ll just make this a quick one.

I pretty much gave up on this cycle…I mean, my lining was 3.7mm on CD 13(ish) and yesterday, CD 16 it was……..5.1mm (with 2 21mm follicles on my only ovary ready to ovulate…oh how I wish I had tubes again 🙁

Now, most people would be SO upset for a 5.1mm lining on CD16 BUT….I’m feeling a little better that it’s at least not 4mm…and it did look a tad more “fluffy” on the ultrasound….and DARE I say that my RE seemed a bit more optimistic??! He actually said that if we could get it up to closer to 6mm then we could try to transfer one embryo….OMG…seriously..I might be able to actually have a transfer at some point!?

Now, I KNOW 5-6mm lining is NOT good….and frankly, most people would never transfer an embryo with that thin of a lining….but, the one thing I’ve learned through ALL of this is that….

We are all different.

There is not ONE set formula for us all.

You have to listen to your gut and take chances sometimes.

So, where do we go from here?

Well, this FET #5 cycle is cancelled. I’m not willing to transfer in a 5.1mm lining(neither is RE) and because of Thanksgiving we wouldn’t have been able to anyways. I will go in next Mon to get my blood drawn to check my Progesterone level(just as an ovulation marker) and I will wait for CD1 to figure out if we are going to do anything in Dec or just wait until Jan. My RE suggested since it seemed like the Tamoxifen was doing something that maybe another month of that plus Estrogen or some injectables? Trial and error I guess….

I still feel the need to try G-CSF…my RE has never done it before though and he doesn’t seem on board…might have to give him a little push…so we will see.

Wish I had better news but I’m o.k. I really just feel like these are just steps to me getting to where I want to be….pregnant and delivering a healthy baby in 2015. Like a process. I just keep thinking that at the end of ALL of this, I WILL have a beautiful baby(or babies) in my arms and none of this will matter.

I must remember……….NONE OF THIS WILL MATTER.

I just have to keep telling myself that….and then….everything is alright.

Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American bloggers!

Love & blessings to you all!


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  1. I’ve been thinking about you! I agree with you. Sometimes a 6mm lining might just surprise you. Especially if it is looking fluffy and healthy! I had my best lining on injectibles, so I definitely am on board with that protocol. You can even use Cetrotide or Ganirelix to keep from ovulating as you would in an IVF cycle. (And if you go that route, let me know, I’ll send you what I have!) ENJOY your Thanksgiving!! Cause this is all going to happen for you. I’m feeling so hopeful and love the positive energy that’s surrounding you. xoxoxo

    • Oh Suzanne…you know exactly what to say! Thank you! I know you have been there….like, as in, been EXACTLY in my shoes….so I appreciate any and all advice from you. I think I will try to push the injectables for the next cycle(what did you use exactly?)
      I will enjoy Thanksgiving…happy to stuff my face and drink tons of wine 🙂 Hope you and T have an amazing Thanksgiving too….thinking of you and counting down until Dec.16 for you guys….always in my thoughts and prayers!!! xoxoxo

  2. Just joined in following your blog.

    I hope that your lining is even better next cycle. It does seem like it is at least progressing in the right direction. And I agree that everyone is different and sure, there are “optimal” conditions, but most people who are battling infertility are already in some sort of suboptimal category anyway.

    You will get there!

  3. Well I would say that is progress for sure! Maybe using the Tamoxifen plus the other meds will be just what you need! Happy Thanksgiving to you also 🙂

  4. I’m sorry this cycle was a no-go, but it does sound like you’re learning more about your body and headed in a positive direction. I hope December or the new year bring you a fluffier lining!

  5. Hi there – I found your blog tonight in search of “thin linings and FET” 🙂 lucky us – huh?! I am in a similar situation as you…. I am on my 3rd FET cycle – first was cancelled due to thin lining at 6mm (little did I know this was GOOD!) …second cycle lining got to 5.5 and E2 levels above 1,500 – we did a transfer of 2 blasts, BFN. We are on our third (last) cycle for the remaining embryos and my lining today was only 4.2 – although one measurement was 5.6 and then 2 at 4.1 so not sure how that average works out… but oh well. My RE wants to proceed w/the transfer at 4.2…she said her clinic has seen pregnancies in the 4-6mm range. My DH and I are unsure as of tonight what we’ll do. It’s so frustrating. Anyways, just wanted to reach out and say hi – that someone else is going through the same thing as you! 🙂 So what will be your next step?? My RE says I am not a “candidate” for a low-stim cycle – which is what I really wanted to do since in my fresh cycle my lining got to a 9.2mm. The comment above from someone w/a 4mm cycle was hopeful for me!
    Take care-

  6. Hello,
    please never give up
    I’m a 42 years old women , I had 2 embryos transferred on dec 5 2014 this will be my 5th transfer ,I had 4 failed transfers , I will find out on Tuesday dec 16 2014 . what helped me this time is my renewed faith in GOD, I know my husband and I did everything we could in our power to do to make a difference this time , since august 2014 I have been going to some acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbal medicine teas twice a day . GOD sees the big picture and he will do what is best for us , you need to trust him without any doubt , HE will grant all our wishes if we give up control and trust HIM

    GOD bless you

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