So….just have a quick update. From my last post, some of you know that I’ve started FET #5 trying to grow my lining with Tamoxifen.

I started taking Tamoxifen last Monday, Nov.10,CD3(or what I “thought” was CD3 for me)….well, I guess it wasn’t really CD3…I continued to bleed(sorry TMI) until yesterday!(not normal for me…I usually have very short, light periods). I’m still spotting light brown even now. So my RE thinks that we might have started the Tamox a little early πŸ™

As far as the results from my ultrasound, my RE didn’t even measure my lining because he said there was fluid in it and it was too early……BUT because I am a “self-taught” ultrasound tech…umm…I’m pretty sure it looks better than it has at this stage before! Sure, there was fluid(there’s ALWAYS fluid) but at least it looked a little thicker….so…fingers crossed…it KEEPS GROWING πŸ™‚ I also have a couple of follicles growing..I SO wish that I had fallopian tubes to try the “good old fashioned way” to get preggo least my one ovary is still working and will hopefully produce enough estrogen to grow this lining..that’s THE most important thing!

So, I have another appt this ThursΒ Fri….I will def update you all again then…come on lining…here we grow!! Thank you all for your support! xo

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  1. Do the drs know what is causing the fluid and if there is any way to stop it from happening? Sorry that things got messed up with when you started the Tamoxifen. I know you have been really looking forward to taking this drug. Hopefully it still works great!! I want so much for you to get to transfer your babies soon. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks journey! As for the fluid, my RE is pretty sure it is just some leftover blood(from my period) or cervical mucus. I did have hydrosalpinx but apparently it is now controlled since I had an Essure placed to control it. I think the fluid is there when I have too much estrogen too…so maybe it will be gone this time around in a couple of days! Fingers crossed! Thanks a bunch for the kind words!! πŸ™‚

    • Thanks so much Jojo! The spotting has finally stopped! Yay! Now, I can only hope this lining is getting nice and THICK! Thank you for always stopping by and sending sweet comments! Thinking of you too!! xoxo

    • Thanks sooo much Suzanne!! I might not have an update now until Fri (because of a work conflict) but i’ll update asap! Hope everything is great with you! So excited for the next couple of weeks for you guys!! xoxo

    • Thanks a bunch girly! Might not have an update until Fri due to work getting in the way but I will def keep you in the loop! I mean, seriously, SOMETHING has to work…right?!! Hope all is great with you, T and Cheesecake! xoxo

  2. I also did my first IVF cycle a year ago. I done 4 transfers in the last year with steadily declining lining numbers (the thickest I achieved was 7 mm, now most recently can barely break the 5 mm mark). I did get pregnant in March with a 6 mm lining, only to miscarry at 8 weeks (unrelated to the lining). Just went for my baseline today and about to embark on another FET cycle with all forms of estrogen (injection, oral, vaginal). Here we go again. Your blog is really very helpful for us lining-challenged. Best of luck to you.

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