O.K….it’s finally time to try something new!

CD 1 has arrived and I had my ultrasound Monday on CD 3 to make sure that pesky cyst is gone from my last natural cycle…..and it is! Yipee!! Here we come FET #5!

So…going back to my PROJECT DREAMΒ 2015, I started 20mg of Tamoxifen Monday and will take that until tomorrow. I’ll have my next ultrasound on Nov.17…to see if my lining is growing. I should see the biggest results after I take my last Tamoxifen pill, then 10 days after that(Nov.25) but hopefully something is happening next week πŸ™‚

I’ve been on it for a couple of days and this is what I’ve felt: BAD headaches(not complaining because if this works…I will take the headaches every, single day!) and it just feels different around my uterus….like warmer and bloated. I’m really hoping that something is going on in that area…I feel like it is…and I’ll just keep believing that πŸ™‚

I’m excited I’ve finally started this medicine. I’ve wanted to try it for the past couple of months but my body just didn’t want to cooperate…but now it does πŸ™‚

It’s been exactly one year since my first IVF cycle. I remember how excited I was and so hopeful I would be pregnant and bring home a baby this year. But I never even got to the transfer. And I STILL have never even had a transfer. I’m patient and I’ve been listening to God…He has lead me to these options. He tells me to keep trying. And that’s what I’ll do.

I’ll update on Monday after my appt….please, wake up lining(we have 6 ice babies waiting patiently for you!)



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  1. One thing I love about you is that no matter what you always, always see the positive. You’ve had more setbacks than most and yet no matter what news you get, I always feel the hope in your posts. But this post? The hope just radiates! I’m so hopeful for you and I cannot wait to hear your update. You deserve nothing but great news and I’ll be praying for you nonstop! Let’s thaw those little ice babies out this cycle!! πŸ™‚

    • Aww…thanks so much friend πŸ™‚ As you know, it’s tough to stay positive…but I have to believe that, in the end, I’ll have my baby…and I just keep thinking that πŸ™‚ Can’t be sad or down…just gotta keep at it to fulfill my dream πŸ™‚ I hope things are going well with you too!! You’ve been on my mind! xoxo

  2. I remember that feeling in cycles thinking if this works I don’t mind going through this or that. I so hope this works!! I am excited for you! Looking forward to hearing your update on Monday!!

  3. Hi, I stumbled onto your blog while trying to figure out what to expect during my first ovarian stimulation for IVF (I am 32yo with a very low ovarian reserve, and my OS has only yielded 4 follicles after 11 days), and something in my search led me to your blog.
    Anyway, once I read a few posts I was hooked, and I agree with everyone here, you are amazingly positive in the face of something that could bring down MANY strong women!
    My mom is a 3 (soon-to-be 4) time ovarian Cancer survivor, and I see the same positivity in you that I see in her.
    Women like the two of you find a way to see the positive and hope where others see only hopelessness, and that is such an admirable trait!
    I don’t know how my own story will go, but I often have trouble with accepting that life happens at its own (or God’s) pace, and its own reasons. But people like you help me to keep trying.
    I’m praying and hoping for you that this will all pay off for you soon. Your child will be SO loved.

    • Wow…thank so much Becky! It’s women like YOU who keep ME going. If I can help even just one person through this blog, then I’ve done my job. I appreciate the kind words and prayers go out to your Mom…what a strong woman…4 time ovarian cancer survivor….SHE knows how to stay positive and never give up….what an inspiration. It’s exactly what I want to encourage people to do. When someone…whether it be a Dr. or anyone else tells you…”No, you can’t do that” or “Well, that’s impossible for you”….and it’s something that you REALLY want…..then FIND a way. Don’t give up. Research yourself. Speak up for yourself. Listen to your gut. Especially in regards to infertility. It’s HARD and you feel very helpless…..but these Dr.’s…they don’t know everything…and every, single one of us is different. Every treatment that works for some, won’t work for all. It blows my mind how they just throw everyone into one big bowl…like we are all the same. I could go on and on. But if you have ANY questions…feel free to ask…my email is: and I’ll always be there to help. Best of luck on your upcoming cycle and please keep in touch! xoxo

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