Since we had to sit out this cycle due to my HUGE 50mm cyst…yes, I typed that right….50 mm….weird how I can’t grow my freakin’ lining a measly 8mm but cysts I can grow to 50mm?! Arg!

Anyways, I went in for a natural mid-cycle check. No meds, just au natural,to see if the cyst is shrinking and to see if my lining wanted to make an appearance…of any sort. Well, the cyst is shrinking….good….my only ovary is functioning…I have a nice 17mm follicle ready to ovulate…great….and my lining is……..non-existent…..again….:( He didn’t even measure it because he couldn’t….there was fluid again and…after 1,000 ultrasounds…I can read the ultrasound better than my RE by now…he doesn’t even have to say anything…I look at it, he looks at it…he shrugs…and says…well, everything else looks great but your lining is just not there and you would never be able to carry a baby with this lining.

Just the very words of him saying, “You’ll never be able to carry a baby with this lining”….wants to make me prove him wrong. Now, mind you, I’m not an idiot. I would NEVER transfer an embryo in 1 or 2mm lining….obviously, the poor embryo needs something to attach onto and grow….but, still, there’s GOT to be a way for it to grow some. I mean, in one of my IVF cycles it got up to 6mm…I mean…barely 6mm but it did…we just didn’t transfer because it looked horrible, and uneven and not triple stripped, etc, etc….we didn’t know how much worse my lining could get…but it did.

So that brings me to all of my options….and The Big Plan: Project Dream 2015…. here they are…I’m really praying that God will give me the answer…and I’m sticking to that but this is where we are:

Option 1) I still haven’t tried a drug called Tamoxifen. Basically, you take 20mg for 5 days, starting on CD3. So CD3-CD7, then you have an ultrasound on CD11, CD14 and CD17….usually 10 days after Tamoxifen withdrawal, you should be able to see a significant lining growth. It has worked for some women with chronically thin lining resistant to standard Estradiol treatment…so hey, it’s worth a shot.

Option 2) HCG Priming– Β I found this in the gov trials and it is in Phase 4 which means that they have seen enough progress and success to continue researching. This process would be, 150 IU of HCG for seven days subcutaneously concomitantly with estrogens in preparation endometrium cycles for frozen embryos replacement. Basically, it is hypothesized that having HCG in your system helps the embryo attach onto the lining (even if it is on the thinner side) I feel like some clinics already do this or something like this…so maybe if my lining doesn’t get as thick, maybe it would be more receptive with the HCG?

Option 3) G-CSF: This is a fairly new process for women with chronically thin endometrium where the RE does an “endometrial perfusion” of G-CSF and within 48 hrs you should see a significant growth. My concerns with this is that, it is very new, I’m not even sure if anyone has actually delivered a baby yet after this type of treatment(maybe concerns with the health of the baby?), those are a couple to name a few. I would probably try this option when/if I have to go through IVF #3.

Option 4) Adipose Derived Stem Cell Treatment to regenerate endometrium- This, to me, is the most exciting (yet risky) and I found it after reading through HUNDREDS of articles. I thought I would post it here(email me if you want all of the info) but it is a lot of info. It has been beneficial for some diseases/injuries(MS, Alzheimer’s, etc..). Long story short though….Adipose is our OWN FAT…and basically the process is: Small amount liposuctioned of the adipose fat from the abdomen…it is processed(beyond my understanding) and mesenchymal stem cells are sorted(specific to what area you are treating) and then they are re-introduced into your own bloodstream and also, specific to your condition, for me: perfused into the endometrium. Your own stem cells(won’t be rejected), then, repair/replace the damaged stem cells and you have functioning endometrium. It has worked in Russia, India and currently Spain is doing gov trials(and the scientists have said it is looking very promising). I have contacted numerous scientists who have worked in this field and they have ALL gotten back to me with info(I know, I was shocked that they got back to me because they are BIG TIME). This has not been done in the US yet(specifically for the endometrium…it has been done to treat diseases and athletic injuries…MANY professional NFL athletes have done this who are currently playing), but I have found a clinic that would be willing to work with me, of need be. It is very expensive, and obviously experimental but sometimes if you don’t take risks, things might not happen. What about the woman who was the 1st to go through IVF? Louise Brown would not have been born along with the thousands of other babies born through IVF since her birth.

Risks…those are the risks….

Option 5) Gestational Carrier- I don’t have to explain this…this would be the final option. Less risk…still some risk but obviously, the GC would have already given birth to one or more babies with no complications, etc…

So that’s where I’m at….a little confused…but trying to listen to my heart and listen to God. I do believe that He is leading me to all of these options. I mean, He is the one who has provided and made me aware. He has created these options for me to consider…and that’s what I will do.

When I posted a new picture on my Timeline reading, “Either I will find a way, or I will make one” I didn’t know what I was getting myself into….but I’m open and I have so much hope and determination…not only for myself…but for the other women who are told they cannot carry their own child….

Lots to consider….so we will wait until next cycle…..stayed tuned for what I try next……

Project Dream…..this is my dream…and I won’t give up until I’m holding my healthy child in my arms πŸ™‚

****Disclaimer: I am not a Dr. and do not recommend any of these treatments. I am simply stating what options I have personally researched that may be best for me and my body. Please do your own research for your particular issue.****


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  1. I just recently started reading you blog so I’m not sure if you tried any of these (silly) options but my lining never got above a 6 either and that was a fluke during cycle 1. This last cycle, I drank 8 oz of pomegranate juice per day, drank 2 cups of red raspberry leaf tea per day, and started acupuncture and my lining was well above 8mm on the day of trigger and I got my BFP! Worth a shot! Good luck to you!

    • Thanks Jen…this has been a LONG road for me and unfortunately, I have tried everything under the sun to get this lining to grow. I’ve tried the pom juice, red raspberry, and acupuncture for over 2 years now….and nada. So happy those worked for you but, for me, it’s going to take a little more. Which is why I decided to post all of my research…because there’s not a lot out there for women with chronically thin lining. Many RE’s don’t know what to do for women like me and immediately suggest gestational carrier…we need more options…so I’m going to try some and report back πŸ™‚ Congrats to you though…here’s to a happy and healthy 9 months for you!!

  2. I figured that! Its the first thing that comes up with google. My RE just kinda brushed it off as well…nothing we can do…it was disheartening. It looks like you’ve done your homework and have options! I did get pregnant my first time and my lining was a 4.4….so anything is possible πŸ˜‰ Stay positive and I’ll keep praying for a thick lining for you!! Thank you for your congrats!

  3. So sorry to hear of the latest issues. Stupid uterine lining! I’m praying for you and that you ahve clarity to make the choice best for you. I’m currently 11 days away from my transfer as a gestational carrier, so I’m only familiar with that side of things. All off the appointments, medications, and worrying over things I’d never even though of before like, “What if there’s a cyst on never knew about? What if my lining isn’t growing? What if my hormone levels are off?….” has made me so much much aware of the struggles of pregnancy.:(

      • It’s a gift for me as well! I’d always dreamed of surrogacy but never went forward with it because the timing was never right for my own family. I lost my mom to cancer last November and it was the motivation to push forward and reconsider that dream. It reminded me how precious and delicate life is and also what my own legacy would be when I was gone. Know that if surrogacy is the path you choose, there are tons of amazing women out there who would feel so honored to help you achieve your dream of diapers! Best xox Liz

  4. Haven’t commented before but I really appreciate this post because I’ve had a lot of difficulty with my lining… I’ve had several cancelled ivf transfers because my lining would just not thicken! I’ve also done acupuncture, foods that supposedly “thicken” the lining, trying herbal supplements prescribed by my acupuncturist, vaginal Viagra, vaginal estrogen, etc. I am not sure what our next step will be either but I wish you lots of strength, luck, and hope in whatever your decision is…

    • Thanks so much bakingmelissas! These lining problems are the worst. I am on the extreme end…I have tried it ALL but these are my last options…praying that one of these works and I’ll be on my way to holding my baby soon! Good luck to you and your lining too!! xoxo

  5. You have so much to consider and I’m sure you will decide what is best for you! I admire your depth of research and knowledge! I sent you an email. Would love to chat and answer any questions that I can πŸ™‚

  6. I feel you on the uncooperative uterus! I have had so much trouble with mine too. In fact, mine is currently a “muddled mess” – exact words of the ultrasound tech. Have you researched anything on a neupogen infusion? That’s what we did my last FET cycle and it worked for me. Just a thought. I am glad there are lots of options for us. Praying that we both receive healing and have our dreams fulfilled soon!

    • Thanks Wifey! I know…having an uncooperative uterus is SO frustrating! THAT should be the easy part! I haven’t tried the Neupogen(G-CSF) yet but that’s a part of my plan if this Tamoxifen doesn’t work…but hoping that it does so I don’t need it! Hope you are healing well too! There’s gotta be some good news for both of us soon! xoxo

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