Quick update….it’s CD 29 and I’m still trying to grow this lining for FET #4….almost a full month on Estradiol Valerate shots and suppositories.

Last Fri, it was around 5mm…today it’s around 5.7mm(he drained the fluid that was STILL in there to get this measurement). It’s weird though because my RE showed me how if he moves the wand one way it’s 4mm and if he moves the wand another way it’s 7mm….say what?! So I guess he took from a mid point?? He is giving me until this Fri to see where it is and then decide what we should do next. He still says it doesn’t look pretty and any other patient he would just cancel this cycle and start over…so….way to make a girl feel special….kind of…in a bad way? Faaaantastic….que sarcasm….

Anyways, that’s all for now. I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing and see what happens…5.7…I’ll take it(and 2.3mm more please ;))

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