Hmmmm….Screen shot 2014-06-23 at 4.48.28 PM

This is obviously a shot in the dark folks.

Well, because I’m out of all other options. FET #3 is cancelled 🙁 4mm…that’s it. 10mg of Estrace a day, orally, vaginally….and nada. RE said that my uterus looks good now that the scar tissue is gone…my 2nd HSG showed that my left tube is blocked by the Essure(actually a good thing for me because I had hydrosalpinx). He has no clue why my lining is not growing. Next will be Estradiol Valerate injections…but I need a break. SO much Estrogen running through my body is making me batty….literally…kind of going crazy and BEYOND frustrated.

So we induce my period and I’m taking a break….and…..gonna try to gain some weight….yes….I said GAIN weight.

Please, try not to judge…..I have a hard time gaining weight. It’s weird how being overweight you get support and sympathy from people but when you’re underweight you get, “Oh, must be nice” or stares of a possible eating disorder. I’m 5’8 and around 112lbs. A BMI of about 17. I know, that’s thin. It worked for my career but now when I want to have a baby….THAT “blessing” of being really thin….could THAT be my problem?? Something as simple as putting on 10-15 more pounds? Could that be my answer???

Well, I’m about to really try. No hormones this month. I’m going all natural and adding a healthy fat diet. I’m going to try to eat more FAT. I’m all out of options folks….I’m trying anything and everything to grow this lining and if putting on a couple of pounds is what needs to happen…I’m all for it.

Now, I know….this is probably not my issue. I know that this is a “shot in the dark”. But…i don’t know what else to do. It’s sad when most of my time is searching through internet articles regarding “thin lining”…(FYI…there are not very many 🙁  I’m trying to come up with my own “diagnosis”… own cure 🙁

I get it though….the Dr.’s don’t feel the need to come up with a solution for less than 1% of women who have my “problem”. Chronically Thin Lining….most women can at least get to around 7 or 8mm. So not a lot of research….and they just want to suggest a Gestational Carrier……because that is just such an easy option(cue the sarcasm)…not even something I want to think about yet…

But guess what folks….pretty sure God knew what He was doing….I am determined. I will be the scientist, I will do the research, I will test out all of the options. I won’t stop. I’m going to figure this out. I should be able to carry my baby. I’m healthy. I’ve had 2 hysteroscopies and my uterus looks “pretty normal”(I’ll take it ;). There’s gotta be a way….and I truly believe that God has given me this problem for me to fight through it and be the voice of the other 0.06% of women with chronically thin lining.

But….this month….is break time….and put on some weight time….

I need a month…just to breathe and put everything in perspective…

And some sunshine…oh how I love the beach….so that’s where I’ll be…at the beach…soaking up the sun and some sanity 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely 4th of July 🙂