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I’ve started taking some meds(and everything else you google…red raspberry leaf tea, pom juice, baby aspirin, vitamin e, yoga positions, pineapple(bromelain), acupuncture…everything!) to prepare for my FET at the end of this month.

I’m taking: Oral Estrace 2mg-4 times a day and Viagra(sildenafil) Suppositories-4 times a day.

We are not messing around here.

I’ve had one ultrasound check (that was yesterday) and my lining after being on those meds for 7 days was 3mm….and like a puny 3 :(…oh…and with some sort of fluid or mucus…great… we have some work to do. I’ve now also added Estrogen 1mg suppositories-2 times a day. I have so much “stuff” going on up in my hoo-ha….I’m a little worried….it’s just a LOT. Oh well….

My RE said that this is a “trial run” because he doesn’t believe that my lining will get thick enough. I say to him…”Wrong answer Doc!”

Science only goes so far.

Science says it may be “Impossible” for me to carry a baby with my thin lining. Impossible you say? Yes…it is Impossible…because I M Possible.

I’m possible. And that’s that.

9mm+ lining here we come…..

Next check Saturday…..To Be Continued…..