Month: November 2013

Egg Retrieval set…..Trigger tonight!


O.k….I’ve been stimming for 16 days……it will be 17 days by the time of retrieval because my RE wants me to get one more dose of Gonal-F in before I do the Ovidrel trigger. I’ve been on high doses of Gonal-F(450IU), Menopur(150IU), Saizen(.5 in am), Ganirelix and estrogen suppositories….16 days 🙁 But it is looking brighter….

Finally, my RE was ready to tell me to do the trigger tonight…at 9pm  8pm on the dot. Unfortunately, my lining is crap, which I kind of already knew…so praying ALL of these embryos make it to freezing. So far he sees between 6-8 eggs….all ranging in size from 22-12…..not bad for one lowly, lazy(his word…not mine) ovary. I love you ovary. You are a fighter. You, and you alone, are my only hope. O.k..well, my lining needs to cooperate too…but we will save that for the FET in the future. For now….come on beautiful ovary and eggs…don’t let me down!!

So Thurs. Nov. 21 at 9am  8am(Pacific time)…if you all wouldn’t mind saying some prayers…I’ll take them 🙂

Me and my one tough, fighting ovary truly appreciate it…(Oh and the hubby appreciates it too…sometimes I forget he’s half of this too! I kid, I kid 😉 )

That Elusive Golden Egg…

Screen shot 2013-11-15 at 1.15.01 PM

Just got back from my RE’s office…had a minor melt down in my car…

After thinking I might trigger tonight or tomorrow, I have to stim for 5 more days 🙁 I’m on Stim Day 12 today…I really try not to complain but after they called in my new order of even MORE meds(I’m on a very high dose already)…the cost of it all put me over the edge. Thousands more. I’ve tried to be so strong throughout all of this…and I’m praying it will be worth it in the end but giving myself 4-5 shots a day and suppositories and acupuncture…I’m just over it all.

Man, these hormones are finally kicking in…overdrive 🙁

I think about my Mom and sister and how it was SO easy for them to get pregnant. My sister accidentally got pregnant on birth control TWICE. I know I can’t compare myself to others but it’s so hard when it’s your family. I actually haven’t told my sister anything about me going through IVF and only a little to my Mom. I just don’t think they would get it.

All of you ladies dealing with infertility get it. It absolutely breaks my heart to see so many of you going through numerous IVFs…you are so, so strong. I mean really…look at what we do. We are beyond amazing….

Through all of this though….I am STILL thankful. I can somehow still say thanks to the man up above to guide me and give me the opportunity to go through IVF. No matter how sad, anxious, impatient, tired, sore, etc…I am still thankful.

Writing this post actually made me feel a little better….a little writing therapy 🙂

I’ll continue to count down the days….pray for a couple of healthy eggs…it only takes one right??

One golden egg…I hope you are growing somewhere in that solo ovary of mine…please…