Month: August 2013

Wedding Day….Are you pregnant yet??


On the DAY we got married, we had people coming up to us asking when we are having a baby… joke…on the wedding day!

I didn’t think too much of it…because of course, by this time next year(NOW), I would either be pregnant or already have a baby…..well, that didn’t happen…so what next?!

I’ll always be completely honest with you all. When people ask me when we are going to try to have a baby, I say…not for a while….when in reality….we’ve been trying for over a year now. I feel bad lying to them but I guess I’m just trying to protect my heart from all of the judgment and pity. Pity…..isn’t that weird? I just know I could see it in their eyes if I told them that we’ve been through a battery of tests and have been trying like rabbits to have a baby and NADA 🙁

But how crazy would I sound?? Like koo-koo crazy. Which is where my BFF’s….. Pinot and Grigio come into play. Oh….how I love thee….let me count the ways…Without these two….I could have gone down that “crazy lady” road. I mean….simply logging into Facebook and seeing 100+ status updates of kids first day of school photos ALMOST put me over the edge….(insert glass bottle of wine here)…but I can’t compare their lives to mine. We all have our ups and downs. No one is perfect. And everything is happening the way it’s supposed to….right? I believe, I’ll be patient and I will never, ever give up.

Screen shot 2013-08-25 at 5.32.05 PM

First Post

So here we are.

I told myself that I didn’t need to start a blog. I’d be pregnant and so busy that I wouldn’t have time to keep up with my blog. Writing has always been very therapeutic for me. I love to write. I love to talk. But talking about TRYING to have a baby…not so much fun. You see, I’ve been in this little cave. My own little Pinot Grigio drinking, Hostess Cupcake eating, denial cave. I’ve read other blogs out there and appreciated the insight that they’ve given me….actually, let’s not call it insight…let’s call it hope. Hope that I will one day be like them. A Mom. I read all of these blogs…and literally feel like I’m peeking in on secrets of their “infertile lives”. Lives that I didn’t think I would one day be a part of….not me…no way……….and now, I’m one of them.

I welcome all of you to peek into my life as I begin this journey. I am determined to make this journey a happy ending. I will share EVERYTHING with you all. From emotions to treatments to costs….ALL OF IT. Because it’s what I wanted to know. And please feel free to ask questions. I will be there for you…please be there for me and prayers are always welcomed.

So welcome friends, as I will be Dreaming of Diapers until I’m changing them 🙂